So i'm back now after a mini break to celebrate the end of university, I know i've said it loads of times but I don't know where the past 4 years have gone. I have a week now to relax and sort my life out before I start work next Monday. I'm heading back to where I worked for my placement So i'm excited to see everyone again and start earning some money - honestly the list of things I want to buy when I first get paid is getting out of hand! 

Anyway last week I was lucky enough to win a giveaway Models Own were holding to celebrate the launch of their new makeup line. All you had to do was create a wishlist of 10 items on their website and share it via email or Twitter. I was so happy when I won as i'd been keen to try out their new makeup range and it came just at the right time to cheer me up from revision. I tried to keep my wishlist quite varied and picked products that were all different so here is what I won...

I'm really intrigued by these brushes where you are supposed to put drops of foundation into the hollowed out part of the brush. I've been eyeing up the Bare Minerals one for a while but just haven't got it yet so I popped this one onto my wishlist. I'm so obsessed with the look of the new brushes, they all have rose gold handles with a pink tint to the bristles (much like some of the RT Bold Metals). I haven't actually tested out the brush yet but the bristles feel really soft and I'm hoping it will give my foundation a flawless finish. I'm sure if I'm a fan you'll be seeing it in a few more posts to come.

I picked this one purely for the angled pencil, I've recently finished my S&G Archery Sculpting crayon and I really like the angled brush. This one also comes with a blending sponge which I've never tried on my brows before. I opted for the shade blonde and its pretty perfect for me. I've had a little play around with this and the angled pencil really helps define my brows and the blender fills in any gaps.

I don't usually suffer with breakouts but with exam stress I have had a few so this Tea Tree Concealer will be handy. The Tea Tree will really help dry out and hide any blemishes. I haven't tried this under my eyes yet so I can't comment on how well it hides my dark circles but the shade is a pretty good match so i'm hoping it will conceal them!

Recently i've been loving playing around with different makeup looks and different eyelashes so I had to put a pair on my wishlist. I opted for the Textured ones that will gives me eyelashes length and volume but nothing too dramatic. Having not worn them yet but I can tell that these are the sort of lashes I like and the application strip also isn't too thick and heavy!

I really love baked blushes as they also sit lovely on my cheeks and have a bit of sparkle as well! The shade I have is Lovestone which is a soft rosy pink with a deeper pink running through it. This blusher is really pigmented as you can see from the swatch. The packaging of this is quite small but will be perfect for travelling.

As soon as I saw this I had to have it, I'm a bit of a highlighter addict and this one is a shade I would get a lot of use of! I opted for the shade Peach Pearl that is a really soft champagne shade with a hint peach. Like this blush this is super pigmented, I wore it today with the sun shining and even my mum commented on how much my cheeks were glowing! This compact is bigger that the blush but not overly big or heavy!

I absolutely love Models Own nail polishes so I had to put one of their new Soft Pop collection polishes on my wishlist. The collection is an addition to the HyperGel collection but a more summery collection of pastel shades. I really like the HyperGel ones as they seem to last a lot longer. I picked out the shade Candyfloss which is a pink shade, although its pastel it still seems to really pop on my nails.

I have quite a few different contour palettes but not one with a blush in. This immediately reminded me of the Sleek palettes which I've wanted to try. The palette comes with a bronzer, highlighting powder and blush so really great for when you're travelling around. All three of the powders are pigmented but I did find there was a lot of fall out so you need to be careful. The only thing I wish is that the highlighter was a little more shimmery!

I really loves the look of their new eyeshadow palettes but the shades in this one are something i'd wear all the time. The palette includes a blush and 6 eyeshadow shades, all in a neutral colour palette. Like the contour palette the shades are pigments but a little powdery. The palette also comes with a handy blusher and eyeshadow brush, they aren't the best quality but if you do forget to take any with you with the palette then you have some. The price of this is quite good quality for what is included and I may have bought it anyway.

Matte lips are on of my favourites to wear so I was keen to try out one of the new Models Own matte lipsticks and opted for a nude shade as I knew it would be one i'd wear. the shade is Sahara Dune is a pink toned nude. I haven't worn this on my lips yet so I'm not sure about how matte of drying it is but there was definitely a matte finish to the swatch. 

What do you think of the new Models Own makeup collection?



  1. Love the look of the highlighter! x

  2. These products look amazing. I love how the eyeshadows swatched on you and the highlighter looks like it will be gorgeous. Great post!



  3. i love that nail polish!!!

  4. I've not really experimented much with Models Own but I love the look of a lot of these products. The Sculp and Glow palette does seem very similar to the Sleek version but it looks great quality!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

  5. Obsessed with the nail colour! So perfect for Spring and Summer!

  6. I've had quite a few Model's Own products before but never enjoyed them. It looks like they've thoroughly improved their line! That nail polish is such a beautiful summery colour!
    Charlotte //

  7. Wow, congratulations on winning the giveaway :)
    That nail polish shade is awesome and I love the look of that contour / highlight / blush palette x

    Rhi |

    1. I've never tried anything from this brand but all the swatches look so pretty! That nail color is perfect for summer too!!


  8. That highlighter looks so pretty! I must check it out. The Nail polish also looks so pretty too :) xx

    LPage Beauty

  9. Congrats on the giveaway! I love the lipstick shade you chose...and the nailpolish...and the highlighter...pretty much everything lol!

  10. The sculpt and glow contour palette is something I LOVE the look of. Also the nail polish is so bright and amazing!! Great purchases :)
    Kathy x

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