It's quite depressing to write this post as i'm not actually going on holiday any time soon. Me and my boyfriend are hoping to go away September, once the kids are back to school and I'm settled in my job, so this post should come in handy then. My makeup bag for a beach holiday tends to be a lot simpler than it would normally be as I don't tend to wear makeup in the day and keep in simple in the evening.

L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation | £7.99 & L'Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist | £7.99 | post

On holiday my skin tends to get a little shiny so I like to use a matte foundation to reduce the shine. I really like combining this foundation and fixing spray as it also means my makeup isn't going anywhere even in the heat. I find the matte foundation gives good coverage but isn't overly heavy, something you don't want on holiday and whilst it is matte as long as I wear a moisturised underneath it isn't drying. I've also tried my fair share of fixing mists and this is one of my favourites as I actually feel like my makeup lasts longer.

This is probably the most summery palette I own and not something i'd wear on an everyday basis. The palette has 12 shades including some bright orange and yellows and deep blues and greens in either a matte or shimmer finish. It also has a couple of more neutral shades or when i'm not feeling a bright pop of colour. I always find the Sleek palettes so good for their money and like aren't huge so perfect for travelling.

I picked this up as I thought it would be the perfect thing for travelling, I love using my ABH cream contour kit but its not the most convenient thing to be carrying round. This stick is small and compact and has a contour at one end and the highlighter at the other. I opted for the light shade as the highlighter was the best match for me but I could do with having a darker bronzer, I am wishing i'd picked up the universal version instead. Although this is a cream contour I don't find it too heavy and it blends out really well.

I have a couple of the NYX Liquid Shades now and they are some of my favourite liquid lipsticks. I spotted the shade Life's a Beach in Boots recently and it was such a lovely pink shade that I thought would look amazing with a tan. I find the liquid suedes to be kind of semi matte and they are quite thick and creamy so you can feel it on your lips. The longevity is about a couple of hours for me unless I eat something and then it does need to be reapplied.

I'd been after this for so long and it seemed to be out of stock in every store and online, but now i'm assuming they must have had a massive restocks its in stores and online. The Glow Pot in Gleam is a cream based golden highlighter. I love how well this blends into the rest of my makeup and gives my skin a shimmery glow.

Another product that is great for reducing the shine my skin gets on holiday. I apply this cream based primer before my makeup and it evens up my skin tone and smooths everything out make my makeup apply easier. The one thing I don't find this does is increase the longevity of my foundation but if I apply a setting spray then it lasts longer.

(Wonder stick contour and highlight, Life's a Beach & Glow Pot)

What are your makeup picks for a holiday?!



  1. The Sleek palette looks so pretty, some of those shades are just wow! x

  2. I know how you feel about not getting the chance to go on holiday! I've saved up to move out and even though I don't see that happening any time soon I can't bring myself to book a holiday with a little bit of my savings, despite my friends begging! I hope you do figure something out though, booking last minute is always good if thats an option!

    A heavy, matte foundation would be the top of my list for evenings out and you're spot on with the fixing spray - it's always so hard to get makeup to stay put in hotter climates. The Topshop Glow Pot's always sound so so lovely, but like you said I always have a hard time finding one that hasn't had fingers jabbed in it, in store!

    Lovely post and photography as ever!
    Em | beautyandbullshitt x

  3. I love the Loreal fixing mist! Love the lip colour!

    Parie x

  4. I love One Heck of a Blot :) and Topshop Gleam is just perfect for that dewy golden highlight!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  5. Haha that's funny that you're writing this and not actually going on a holiday soon!! Its even worse when you have just been on holidays and write a post like this because you miss the holiday!! <3 Lovely post! I love your blog!

    Amelia |

  6. I love the look of the Nyx wonder stick and that Topshop highlighter looks amazing!! xxx

  7. Greats picks, and I love your sunglasses! x

  8. I can never get my hands on that glow pot but it's so beautiful!
    Charlotte //

  9. I love the look of the glow pot. Sophie x

  10. Life's a beach would be such a great color when you have a tan!

  11. I really want to try the Topshop glow pot so bad. It looks amazing and so creamy!!


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