So this is part 2 of my highlighter collection and its all about the golds and bronzes in my collection, you can see part 1 here. I will probably be using these ones a lot more now as summer is here and my skin will hopefully be sun kissed.

This was one of those really hard to get hold of products but it seems to be more widely available now. I saw this on countless blogs and it just looked like one of those shades I wear. Gilded Honey a copper bronze shade has quite an intense shimmer to it and its got a sweet swirl pattern to the powder. 

I actually bought this as the picture made it look a lot more silvery than bronze but it definitely wasn't when it arrived. Although it wasn't what I was expecting I really like the gold bronze shade it is. What really one me over with this was the buttery formula, its like nothing i'd ever tried before. 

Yes I know this is an eyeshadow but I use it so much more as a highlighter. The water eyeshadow can either be used dry or with water for a more intense look, on my face I tend to just use it dry so its not too much. Light gold is more of a champagne gold compared to the others.

I've been hunting for this for absolutely ages and it seemed to be sold out everywhere online and then I spotted it in my local Topshop at uni and just had to buy it. I usually stay away from cream highlighters as they can be heavy however, the shade and shimmer of this one is just to die for. This one is called gleam and is a creamy champagne gold shade.

I really love these blushing hearts from MUR as they are so much like the Too Faced ones without the hefty price tag. This is one from the bronzer collection but I like to use it as a highlighter when I'm a little more tanned.

When I originally got this at the end of this year, I was so annoyed at myself as it wasn't a shade that would suit me. However, either with a natural tan or when I've fake tanned its wearable for me. Peach Nectar is a coppery peach shade. One of my favourite things about these highlighters is the pattern thats printed into the compact.

Topshop Horizon Highlighter | £10.00

This is one of my all time favourite products to use in the summer. Horizon is a cool toned bronze shade with a slight shimmer. I tend to use this for a light all over glow as it really brightens up my skin and adds a slight shimmer.The texture of this is also so soft and buttery that it blends really nice on the skin.

SEVENTEEN Instant Glow Shimmer Brick | £4.99

So hello to one of the best Bobbi Brown dupes I've found. This shimmer brick looks exactly the same as the Bobbi Brown ones and whilst I've only even swatched the BB ones in the store this one comes quite close to matching. The instant glow shimmer brick has 4 shades in a gradient in the compact and they can be used separately or swirled together.

What are your favourite bronze or gold highlighters?



  1. I.need.them.all. All so beautiful!!

    Parie x

  2. So many beautiful colours! Love the heart bronzer and the shimmer brick. Sophie x


  3. The Kiko water shadow looks so stunning! x


  4. Laura Geller, Kiko 208 and the Topshop Glow pot are my absolute favourites, they're such gorgeous colours!

    Shellie Skillen

  5. I have wisp and love it! All the other ones look so pretty. I'm a huge fan of the Topshop glow pot, i have the shade gleam with i think looks different to yours. I'm currently loving the ABH Glow kit in that Glow, the highlight shades are stunning xx

    LPage Beauty

  6. Golds and bronzes are my absolute favorite! I need the kiko and topshop highlighter in my life!


  7. These would be perfect for summer!


  8. I LOVE all of those so much!! I am addicted to bronzy highlighters this summer! Great post <3

  9. This post is so beautiful!! I need all of these in my life!xxx

  10. I love this post! The imagery is stunning!

    I love the look of the highlighter in the heart box!

    Francesca, 💜