Recently i've gone a little crazy with buying concealers in the hunt to find the perfect one. The main thing I want my concealer to do is to cover my dark circles and last whilst doing it, does anyone else find that dark circles are the bane of your life?! I also like to find a concealer that isn't too heavy and I can use it as a highlighter. Here are some of my favourites and some that I didn't find so great.

When I first bought this I had planned to use it as an under eye concealer but the coverage just isn't good enough for me. Instead I use it as more of a highlighter as it really radiates on your skin. 

This used to be my holy grail concealer but since I've found others I like its fallen to the back of my concealer drawer. The Lasting Perfection concealer has a thick coverage andI found that it did cover any blemishes and my dark circles. Whilst I haven't used this for a while its still a favourite and i'll still go back to it.

Seventeen is one of my all time favourite drug store brands and I have tried quite a lot of their products. I have found this concealer to be okay but it wasn't my favourite. It's quite a full coverage but I don't think its quite as thick as the Lasting Perfection one. In terms of colour I found it to be slightly too cool toned and I would have preferred it to be a bit more yellowy.

This is another that  I used to love but haven't used for a while. The Eraser Eye is a thinner consistency but still a coverage. I have the shade nude which is pretty similar to my natural skin tone but I want to try out the fair shade so it can be used as a highlight as well. I also find the sponge applicator on this concealer is really handy for a quick application.

I have been loving this concealer recently and have found its really great at covering my dark circles. It's also not as thick as the other so it can be used as a highlighter as well. I also find that this doesn't crease as much under my eyes, something I struggle with a lot.

As you can tell from the packaging this is a good dupe for the Touché Eclat. Apart from the packaging being pretty much identification I found the consistency of this concealer to be a little thicker that the YSL version. Although, this is thicker I found there still wasn't enough coverage for my under eyes but its still good for highlighting.

I used to love this concealer and used it all the time, however, since i've been using other cheaper concealers I've realised this didn't live up to the hype or price tag. For the first few used this was really creamy and did cover up my dark circles reasonably well but it seems to be used up or dry out really quick. I don't think i'll be repurchasing this as it ran out quite quick and there are much better more affordable options.

This is another that I don't find is thick enough or has enough coverage to cover my dark circles so I use it as a highlighter instead. Like Touché Eclat it has a brush applicator and is in a squeezy tube some I'm guessing as it's getting close to being finished it will be each to get the product out.

When I first got this I thought it was amazing, the pink toned concealer was amazing at covering up my dark circles. It comes in a little pot as you can see so you need to use a brush or your finger to apply it. I have since purchase the Benefit Erase paste and found that it is amazing so this one has sort of been forgotten but it's still amazing!

This is one of those blogger induced buys and i've still yet to make my mind up whether I like it or not. The only shade they had in stock when I got this was fair and its definitely too light for me, I like my concealer to be paler than my foundation but this one is almost white against my skin. However, when I have been using it the coverage is okay and it does seem to add a glow to my skin.

What are your top concealer picks?



  1. Isn't it weird how cheaper ones are often the best?! I love maybelline better skin concealer use it daily for school however I do find that the coverage only lasts a certain amount of time! X

    1. I was literally just thinking this! I've had multiple high end products and I always end up going to my low end ones because they're better.

      Liv x

  2. You can never have too many! I love the maybelline fit me, but they are stopping my shade so I am in need of trying a new one soon!

    Parie x

  3. NARS & Urban Decay are my concealer favourites! Great post :)

    xo, Liz

  4. I love the Maybelline and Nars concealers that you mentioned. Also, you should give the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer a try! It's supposed to be a Nars Creamy Concealer dupe. :)

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  5. I love the Maybelline age rewind concealer!! <3 I really want to try the Nars concealer and also the collection one! <3 Lovely post! You should try out Maybelline Fit me concealer!! <3

    Amelia |

  6. I love the Nyx HD Concealer wand! It's so good for the price and has great coverage. I love UD Naked Concealer and Mac Pro Longwear!



  7. I have always had issues trying to find a concealer to cover dark bags, so far my favourite is the collection lasting perfection concealer, although i definitely haven't tried as many as you!

  8. Maybelline Age Rewind sounds so so good!! x

  9. There are so many of these that I've wanted to try, I have just never been able to choose which one to go for first! This definitely helped x

  10. Concealer is my least favourite thing to buy- I just haven't found the perfect one yet! I will definitely be trying out the ones you mentioned in this post though. I found that the collection concealer just clings to my skin and I agree with you about the YSL Touche Eclat! Probably my favourite at the moment is the Revlon Colorstay x

  11. Great recommendations! The YSL one definitely catches my eye, might pick up the seventeen to try out first though :)
    Kathy x

  12. I have tried the NYX HD concealer and I really liked it but it didn't cover up my dark circles.


  13. Dark circles are the bane of my life too!! But I do I love the NYX HD concealer and it's probably the best one I've ever tried. Most drugstore ones never hide my dark circles enough xx

    Lauren |

  14. My concealer collection would be so pathetic hahah! I literally just have the Maybelline Instant Age rewind !! x

    Katina Lindaa |

  15. I really enjoyed this post! My favourite concealers are the urban decay naked skin, Maybelline eye eraser and nars creamy concealer to name a few :)