I've been wanting to do a Colourpop haul for ages but the whole issue of not shipping to UK and having to use a mailing service really put me off. However, ColourPop has 20% their whole sit at the beginning of May and so I took the plunge and order some bits. I'd heard great things about their lip and eye products so I went straight for them! The whole ordering from their website while the 20% off was running was a bit of a mess and I ended up in a queue 20 minutes and then apparently you were only allowed 10 minutes but I got there in the end.

I knew for ages that I wanted to try these as other bloggers had raved about them. I went for Lumière which is a mauve pink and Bichette a red wine shade - I was mostly drawn to the sassy name of that one! I have to say I'm so impressed with these both have a matte finish but aren't drying and they give an opaque slick of colour. I've already decided I'm going to place an order of entirely these next time as I'm loving them and there are so many shades to choose from.

In all honestly the parcel took so long to arrive i'd actually forgotten what i'd ordered, I knew I have some of their liquid lipsticks I just couldn't remember the shades. Frick 'N' Frack is a rosy terracotta shade and it's one I probably will wear I just wish i'd picked up a more summery colour. The satin finish has a slight sheen to it compared to the matte finish. The consistency of the liquid actually reminds me of the NYX liquid suedes as its quite thick and you get a lot on the brush.

This is actually from the Karrueche Tran collection and I actually forgot which shade I order from this. Again I wish i'd gone for a more summery shade but this one will definitely be more of a autumnal shade. Kae is a warm yellow brown and kind of reminds me of a couple of the NYX Lip Lingerie shades. This is actually quite dark compared to my skin tone but would be nice to add to maybe an all black outfit. The matte again isn't too drying, but I haven't actually worn it for a period of time to comment on how well my lips would be after a while.

I picked this one out after spotting it on their best sellers page and reading a couple of bloggers rave about it. I was actually expecting it to be a lot more silvery than it is, mine is very bronzey and reminds me of champagne pop. Bar the colour being darker than I thought the butteriness of the powder is so amazing, i've actually never seen anything quite like it (you can even squidge it down with your fingers, don't try it though). I've been using this as a sort of all over glow lightly or more intensely as just a highlighter on my cheeks.

Again with these I couldn't remember exactly what shades I ordered and at the time I must have not noticed as too are way too similar. La La is a true rose gold with a metallic finish, Weenie is a slightly more pinky rose gold and Fringe is a shimmery champagne. Like the highlighter the texture of these is so buttery and soft and they even have a cute patter imprinted in the compact (which unfortunately goes straight away!) Next time I think i'll pick out come colours that aren't as similar.

I'm so annoyed at myself that I actually forgot to include this in the picture for some stupid reason, but this is probably the product I'm impressed with the most. The retractable pencil is one of those really thin ones where you can properly draw the hairs in.

UK Shipping Details

I used the website Shipito to ship my package to the UK as its one i'd heard a lot of other bloggers use without any issues. It actually took Colourpop about 2 weeks to ship my order before it could reach the mailing service, which was kind of annoying as I saw others who ordered with 20% receive theirs ages ago! 

One it had arrived at Shipito the process was quite easy. I selected the cheapest option of Economy Airmail and then added insurance as I really didn't want to lose my package after all this waiting. In the end the total postage was around $18, so about £12. The package took around two weeks to reach me but I did unfortunately get hit with a £13 customs charges that may have delayed it. I have heard if you order around $30 worth of products though you don't get customs so i'll do that next time as mine was just over $40.

Including the price of items, postage and customs the total was about £50 which isn't bad for everything I order. I will definitely place a Colourpop order again but try to keep it at around $30 to avoid customs.

What are you favourite Colourpop products?



  1. Love everything you picked up! I brought Lumier, frick n frack and wisp too. Colour pop shipping is long, i didn't even order in the sale and the still took a week to ship it :/ xx

    LPage Beauty

  2. The lipstick in Lumière would be enough for me to make the order, it looks so gorgeous! I can't believe how affordable these products are... I'm yet to order anything from America or even Sephora as customs seems really daunting!

    Jodie |

  3. I love the formula of both their Ultra Satin lips and Lippie Stix :) I have and love LaLa and Wisp too

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  4. So many gorgeous products! Can't believe I've never tried any colourpop products yet x

  5. I really want to try Colour pop, their eyeshadows look lovely! x

  6. Lumiere is so nice & the highlighter looks amazing. Fingers crossed it will one day come to the UK officially.
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

  7. Great review, I love Lumiere but I'll have to try others as well :) xx

  8. I missed that sale, hopefully there will be another one! I want to get lippie stix and a few eyeshadows. Bichette is so pretty!

    Ela BellaWorld

  9. Oooh those highlights and shadows - so pretty!
    I'd love Lumiere x

    Rhi |

  10. The Lippie Stix looks so pretty! I have one in Aquarius and I love it. Their eyeshadows look amazing as well!

  11. I want to make a ColourPop order so badly! The shades you've got with the shadows are beaut x

    Just Little Things

  12. I've never tried any Colourpop products but I gotta say their liquid lipsticks look amazing!! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  13. These look so pretty! Weenie and fringe look soo pretty! I think I need them! :-)


  14. I've heard so much about colourpop and its a shame they're hard to get hold of in the uk because the products look great, especially the highlights x

  15. The shadows look amazing! I wish I could get my hands on them, but on the other hand, perhaps it's for my own good cause I would have ordered every single product from ColourPop! :)


  16. Lovely post :) I have never tried Colour Pop before but everyone raves about them a lot. I just wish they sold them in the UK because customs is a nightmare. Ha.

    Leya X


  17. Lumiere oh my gosh, it's beautiful oh my! I'm really tight when it comes to paying for postage and I personally think £12 is a lot of money!
    Charlotte //

  18. Woah those super shock shadows are a definite must have! Luckily I saw this post as I now know what to pick up from Colour Pop when I go out to America. I just love foil eyeshadows. Also I didn't realise that colour pop where actually quite cheap, I thought they were really expensive. Gosh I must stop rambling on hehe! x


  19. I grabbed luminere too and I absolutely love it. I want some more of those too. I love the matte lip you chose, I went for what I thought was a light pink but was actually really dark brown haha. I definitely need their highlighters though x

    Tamz |

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