Eyebrows are a really important part of my routine and I would probably prefer to have no other makeup on except my brows. I've started getting my brows done at Benefit and I'm so impressed with how they turn out but I'm always on the hunt for products to keep them looking perfect between waxes.


I've only included one powder in this post as its not my go to product. I tend to use a powder when I feel like my brows are looking a little sparse but it's not something I use all the time. If I'm wanting to use a powder the one i'll reach for is the Freedom Makeup Duo Eyebrow Powder in Soft Brown, I actually only picked this up as I think it was like half price at the time and thought it would be good to try. The duo colour is good as I'm sort of in-between the two shades. I tend to use the darker shade in the middle to end of my brow and the lighter shade at the beginning where I don't want it too dark.


I've included three in this post and its my most used brow product, I just find its the easiest was to build the shape of my brows and fill them in without them going too thick. My favourite one at the moment is the ColourPop Brow Pencil in Honey Blonde, i'll be including this in a ColourPop haul later this week but i've been loving it so much I couldn't leave it out. It has a twist up pencil at one end and a little brow brush at the other. The pencil is so thin and precise that it can really draw in little hairs and you don't end up filling in too much.

The second pencil I'm loving at the moment is the Models Own Now Brow! Pencil and Blender Duo in Blonde, I actually included this in my haul from them the other day (here), but it's another product I keep reaching for. It has an angled pencil like the ABH brow definer and then a blending sponge with product at the other end. The pencil is really get for outlining my brows and then you can fill in with the blender. A final favourite pencil of mine is the Rimmel Eye Brow Pencil, just because its a really good mix between creamy and dry pencil. I'm a little disappointed with the shade range but hazel just about works for me.


Of course I had to include my beloved ABH DipBrow Pomade in this post, although I don't reach for it everyday just out of convenience its still one I love. This one is super creamy and glides onto brows really well, I also find it stays put all day whereas other brow products rub away. I quite often apply this after using a pencil to fill them out but its still great on it's own. The best alternative I have found to the ABH one is the NYX Tint and Frame, its not quite as creamy and easy to apply as the ABH one but its still a good cheaper alternative. 


Without fail I always have to set my brows otherwise they seem to end up everywhere. My favourite is the Benefit Gimme Brow, I use it after i've applied my other brow products but if your like natural brows it can be worn on its own as it has a slight tint of colour. I have both the light and dark shade and my brows are probably a mix between the two, so I'm excited to try out their new one in the medium shade. This brush always helps set my brows but doesn't make them go to hard like others have.


I always finish my brows off by lining then with a concealer round the edges, it helps tidy away anywhere you may have gone wrong and makes my brows pop a little more. The Freedom Pro Conceal Palette is really great as it has 6 different shades so I can choose different ones for how tanned I am. I just use a cheap concealer brush to do it.

What are your top brow products?



  1. I've tried the ABH brow gel in the past and couldn't get it to work for me :( It was too pigmented for it too look natural on me, but perhaps a lighter color would have worked better. I had no idea that colorpop had brow products! I've been meaning to try some of their products out so this will def go on my list :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  2. Great post hun and I'm excited to read your colourpop haul ^_^
    The freedom duo powders are so great, especially for their budget price. I also love the dip brow pomade from ABH, it lasts so long and really does allow you to shape za brows!

    Iqra | The Blushing Giraffe x

  3. I've got the dip brow and I absoloutly love it to pieces it's incredible! I really want the ABHs brow pro palette!
    Charlotte //

  4. I swear by the freedom brow products, there so good yet so affordable!

    Liv x

  5. I'm super lazy with my brows but sometimes I use a clear gel to keep them in place or a really dark eyeshadow as a brow powder!

  6. I definitely prefer a pencil brow product rather than a powder or gel as I find it so quick. However I may try out a couple of these products you have mentioned :)
    Kathy x

  7. Ahh this just makes me want to go out and buy Benefit Gimme Brow!! Lovely post! I really enjoyed reading this! <3
    Amelia |