Can anybody believe we are half way through the year already?! Where has 2016 gone! June has been a bit of a crazy month for me with having my last exam and finishing uni forever and heading straight into my graduate job. However, even with everything that is going on in my life I have a few favourite from this month to bring to you.


Summer has got to be one of my favourite months to experiment with lip colours, I love all the orange and pink shades that are so much more acceptable in the months June, July and August. Bright lip shades always look amazing when I have a tan as well and they can brighten up any simple outfit.


So in 2016 there have been lots of new makeup releases and lots of makeup now available in the UK. This has meant my collection has grown quite a bit in the past 6 months - when it really shouldn't have since i've been a student with no money until now. Here are the products I have been reaching for the most this year.


So hello to the palette of the moment. Since Anastasia Beverly Hills released this in May/June I had seen it on so many Bloggers and Youtubers. I originally had no intention of buying this as I really didn't need a new eyeshadow palette. However, after seeing tutorials and so many people swatching the palette I had to get my hands on it. The palette is available in the UK on both Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty at £41 (i'm a little annoying about the price at it's only $42.00 in the US). 


Recently i've gone a little crazy with buying concealers in the hunt to find the perfect one. The main thing I want my concealer to do is to cover my dark circles and last whilst doing it, does anyone else find that dark circles are the bane of your life?! I also like to find a concealer that isn't too heavy and I can use it as a highlighter. Here are some of my favourites and some that I didn't find so great.


It's quite depressing to write this post as i'm not actually going on holiday any time soon. Me and my boyfriend are hoping to go away September, once the kids are back to school and I'm settled in my job, so this post should come in handy then. My makeup bag for a beach holiday tends to be a lot simpler than it would normally be as I don't tend to wear makeup in the day and keep in simple in the evening.


Recently i've started wearing eyelashes more often and have been trying out a few different types. I used to stick to wearing lashes for a night out as I didn't want to look too overdone for a day time, however, I have discovered some really great subtle day time pairs. When picking eyelashes I tend to go for something that can add length and volume but not overly out there. I tend to stick to lashes around the  £5 price point since I can quite often ruin them on a night out or lose them when I take them off.


I've been wanting to try out some of Morphe brushes for a while but I only had new Zoeva ones for Christmas and student funds wouldn't allow it! However, recently I heard about the #MorpheMe subscription from Live Glam, where you get over $30 worth of brushes for $19.99. Initially I wasn't sure if they shipped to the UK until I spotted something on Instagram with them and they told that they shipped to the UK and all you had to pay was $8/9 shipping. 


So this is part 2 of my highlighter collection and its all about the golds and bronzes in my collection, you can see part 1 here. I will probably be using these ones a lot more now as summer is here and my skin will hopefully be sun kissed.


I've been wanting to do a Colourpop haul for ages but the whole issue of not shipping to UK and having to use a mailing service really put me off. However, ColourPop has 20% their whole sit at the beginning of May and so I took the plunge and order some bits. I'd heard great things about their lip and eye products so I went straight for them! The whole ordering from their website while the 20% off was running was a bit of a mess and I ended up in a queue 20 minutes and then apparently you were only allowed 10 minutes but I got there in the end.


Eyebrows are a really important part of my routine and I would probably prefer to have no other makeup on except my brows. I've started getting my brows done at Benefit and I'm so impressed with how they turn out but I'm always on the hunt for products to keep them looking perfect between waxes.


So i'm a big highlighter addict and love anything that can give my a glow and shimmer. So I've decided to do a whole post (well actually two!) dedicated to all my favourite highlighters! Today's post is all about the silvers, champagnes and pinks in my collection.


So i'm back now after a mini break to celebrate the end of university, I know i've said it loads of times but I don't know where the past 4 years have gone. I have a week now to relax and sort my life out before I start work next Monday. I'm heading back to where I worked for my placement So i'm excited to see everyone again and start earning some money - honestly the list of things I want to buy when I first get paid is getting out of hand! 


So the sun has finally made an appearance in the UK and this time tomorrow I will be finished with uni forever! With the warmer weather in the UK and the possibility i'll be heading to Spain at the end of June I need to get my skin prepped for wearing shorts and getting a tan. If you're already a reader of my blog you'll know I do fake tan all year round so exfoliating is already a big part of my routine however it goes into overdrive when I know my legs will be on show more. Today's post is all about my favourite products to prep my skin.