Since I have quite long hair I love experimenting with different styles. The lovely people at Toni&Guy have kindly sent over the Glamour Deep Waver to try out. I tend to do all my hairstyles with my GHD so I was excited to try out another styler.

The Deep Waver retails for £34.99 on the Toni&Guy and so is quite affordable for the quality of the product. Toni&Guy is one of those brands I tend to trust the quality as i've tried a lot of their products and haven't been disappointed yet. The waver has 25 heat settings and can go up to 180 degrees, with a simple on/off switch.

I opted for the waver over a curling tong as I've never tried an electrical waver before, I have been doing it with my GHDs before these. I have used these a couple of times now and the look is almost like the waves from having french plaits. With these though you can get two different looks either subtle beach waves or a more prominent waves if you leave the waver on for longer.

I have been using these by sectioning my hair into two sections and waving all of the bottom section and then the top. My is quite long and it took 3 crimps of the wave for then length (if you understand?!). The longevity of my hair once its been waved is so good and I've even slept on it and it still looks good. To give it extra hold I apply a thin layer of hairspray.

I'm really impressed with this waver and can see myself using it a lot as its so easy and quick to do to your hair.

What do you think of the Glamour Deep Waver?


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  1. So glad you like this waver! I've not tried it but I've heard many good things about it! <3

    Amelia |