Skincare is definitely something that I need to focus more on, so when the student loans dropped the other week I decided to treat myself to some new skincare pieces. I have combination skin so depending on how my skin is feeling I need to try out different products, I would say my main issue is and oily t-zone and dullness. So here is a run down of the products i've been trying out recently.

I picked these as they were on offer in Asda for £3 each and when I was home from uni I didn't have a facial wash or scrub with me. I'm not usually a fan of the smell of Pink Grapefruit but I don't find this overpowering and its actually quite nice. I use the wash daily when I'm in the shower just to give my skin that extra cleanse and then i'll use the scrub 1-2 times a week to get rid of any impurities or dirt that is clinging to my skin. I love the scrub as it isn't too rough and doesn't irritate my skin like others have done.

I got this after seeing it on Jasmine Talks Beauty blog and being intrigued about what a thermal water spray can really do for my skin. I've been using mine after cleansing and moisturising in the evening to sooth my face after wearing makeup all day and I also apply a little after my makeup to secure it all in place.

I've been a big fan of the original micellar water from Garner for a while now and use it every day and this one containing oil really intrigued me. Since it contains oil I can feel it melting away my makeup and even things like tough eyeliner and mascara wipes away so easy. In the bottle you can see the layer of oil, which I actually find a little off putting but once you shake the bottle for use it all mixes together. 

Nip+Fab has to be one of my favourite skincare brands and I've been wanting to try out their Kale Fix range for a while, so I had to pick this up when it was half price in Boots. Lately i've really been suffering with dry skin around my eyes and nose and this seems to have alleviated it slightly. I'm not a huge fan of the smell but it goes away after a few minutes and leaves my skin plump and moisturised.

These were both on offer as well at Boots for help price I think and I'm loving face masks lately so needed to try them both out. The charcoal mask is a dark blueish grey shade and once applied hardens up, once removed my skin feels cleaner and is able to breath more. I picked up the peel mask purely for the fact that I love the way it peels off your face in one sheet (you know in primary school when you'd put PVA glue on your hand?!) but it also brightens my skin and minimises the dullness. I leave them both on for around 10 minutes until dry.

Another cult beauty products that I can't believe i've not tried before, I already have the Skin Tonic and that is a favourite of mine and I'm loving this so far. I use this every other night as it does make my skin tingle a little so I don't want to over load my skin. When I first used it it shocked me how much makeup was removed from my face even after removing it with micellar water. I'm so annoyed I haven't tried this sooner as I'm loving it and my skin feels so much cleaner! 

What are your top skincare picks?



  1. I keep my Avene Water Spray in the fridge and omg, the feeling when I spray it on my face is amazing!!!! You should try it, especially for warmer days, it is so refreshing! :)


  2. Im loving the Nip + Fab Viper Vinom Eye Roller its amazing! I have the Visibly Clear scrub and love it.
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

  3. I've also been enjoying Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish which I've just recently gone back to. The Skin Tonic smells amazing, I've found myself a few time inhaling the soaked cotton pad of this product because the scent is so calming.

    Toni |

  4. The oil infused micellar cleanser has not reach NZ yet! Looks great though :) x

  5. i like avene! x

    jess x |

  6. I looove Liz Earle cleanse and polish! x

  7. I swear by the Avene Thermal Water Spray, I use it pre cleanse, post cleanse, after my makeup and just generally throughout the day aswell. Not sure what I would do without it! :)

    Amanda -

  8. I think I might need to try that new Garnier water, my original one is just running out and I love the sound of this one!

    The Makeup Directory

  9. I used to love that Neutrogena cleanser back in the day! It's a solid physical exfoliant :) I always stop myself at the last moment from buying thermal waters/ water sprays. Do you find it worth it? In the US the large bottle is $20 so I'm always too hesitant to dish out that much money for water.