I think you'll agree with me when I say that being a girl is hard sometimes, I mean we have nails, hair and eyebrows that all need to be looked after. So when I find a salon treatment I can do at home its my new best friend - it also means you don't have to travel to an appointment and so much more affordable. I've had my eyebrows and eyelashes both tinted at a salon before but never thought of doing it to myself at home, until the Colorsport 30 Day Brow Tint* came into my life. Initially I thought to myself that this could go horrible wrong and end up with some really dodgy eyebrows or the skin around them dyed as well, but the instructions were so easy to follow and so I gave it a go.

In the pack you get a dye cream, developer lotion, a spooly brush to apply to brows and a little plastic stirrer for mixing the dye. I opted for the dark brown, my eyebrows seem to start growing brown and then the tips lighten so I wanted to get them all one colour. They actually only come in this colour or black so those with really fair eyebrows may need a more medium shade.

All in all the process takes less than 10 minutes so a lot quicker than going to a salon. The instructions are so easy to follow and I'm a little annoyed I haven't tried this before. As with all at home dyes you must do a patch test 48 hours before! Once I knew that I would have a reaction to the dye I got one with the tinting. One good thing about this set is that the packing has a little dish in it for you to mix the products, you need 1cm of dye and 10 drops of the mixing solution and mixed it together to get this brown paste. 

Before I applied it I made sure my brows were cleansed and applied some vaseline around them to stop the dye getting on my skin. I applied the product to my eyes with the spooly brush making sure there was a thick layer, I did one eye at a time as they did say to keep eyes closed whilst the product was on. They advise to leave the product on for 1-2 minutes, so the first time I did I left it on for 1 minute and then 2 minutes the second time a week later (you can leave it on for unto 5 minutes for a more intense look). After the 1-2 minutes I removed the product with warm water and a cotton pad.

When I first applied it for 1 minutes I noticed a slight difference but not as I would have wanted so a week lated I applied again for 2 minutes and this is when I saw how well it worked. My eyebrow were so much fuller and more defined and the hairs had a slight shine to them. Unfortunately I couldn't get a good before and after shot but people have mentioned to me when I don't have makeup on that they look more defined.

I'm really impressed with this product and its available for just £8.95 at Boots and you can get up to 16 application out of it - a lot cheaper than a salon. I'll definitely be using this monthly give my brows more definition and to save myself some money!

What do you think of this at home brow tint? Will you be buying one?



  1. This seems like such a good idea when you know what your doing! It'll definitely save some money :)
    Kathy x

  2. Ah definitely want to try this, I'll save so much money by not going to Benefit every time!