My makeup collection is pretty expansive (or excessive as my mum keeps telling me) and if I find a brand I love I have a lot of products from them. Rimmel is one of those drugstore brands I think everyone loves, myself included. With collections from Kate Moss, Rita Ora and the upcoming Cara Delevingne (excited!), there is always new and fresh products coming up and they are of a great quality! I have been using Rimmel for years and have picked up some absolute gems of products along the way and tried some I don't love so much, but here are my favourites from them.

Stay Matte Primer | £5.99

I get quite an oily t-zone so using a mattifying primer is important. This is a cream based formula which smooths over pores and imperfections and creates the perfect base for my foundation to be applied to. I can definitely notice that my skin doesn't get as shiny and my foundation sits on my skin a lot better. My only issue is that I don't want my foundation lasts any longer than normal unless I use a setting spray with it.

If you're looking for a full coverage drug store foundation then definitely give this one a go. Its a full coverage with a semi-matte finish, however, it doesn't feel heavy on my skin at all. I'd normally wear this foundation when I know I'm going to be out all day or for a night out as it lasts for ages - i've yet to wear it for 25 hours to know if it lasts that long.

I've loved the Kate Moss lipsticks for years now and actually think they are of a similar quality to MAC. The nude collection launched last year and I knew it would be one I had to try. The lipsticks are creamy in consistency and once applied leave an opaque slick of colour. I have the shades #43 and #45 which are two of the darker shades in the collection.

I picked up every shade of these whilst I was in NY as they were about $2 each and wanting to try them out and I'm so impressed. Whilst the shade selection isn't great the lip liners themselves glide easily onto the lips without dragging and they are really pigmented.

Who'd have thought of using Argan oil on your lashes?! Well look no further than this mascara for keeping your lashes conditioned. I wouldn't say this is my favourite of all drug store mascaras but I love the length it gives my lashes and it doesn't go dry and flakey like some others.

I'm really impressed with Rimmel's brow products and both of these together have my brows looking perfect, I just wish they would bring out a blonde version as I can only just about get away with these shades. The pencil fills in the brows and helps define and the gel sets them with a very slight hint of colour to it.

I much prefer a felt tip than a brush when it comes to eyeliner as I find it so much easier to apply. This one has a jumbo tip but I find its great for both think and think winged eyeliner. 

I love this concealer for when my eyes are feeling a little heavy and dark. Its full coverage so helps even out the skin tone and conceal any blemishes. It seems to help my skin be more radiant and brightens my eyes.

What are some of you favourites products from Rimmel?



  1. The Stay Matte Primer is my absolute holy grail, it's the only primer that means I can wear any foundation as it keeps my skin matte all day!

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  2. I'm a fan of Rimmel products as well! I like that primer a lot and the Lasting Finsh foundation is really good. Their lipsticks nad nail polishes are one of my favourites from drugstore. xx

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  3. i like all of them! x
    jess x |

  4. Rimmel is such a nice brand that I really don't buy enough of! I have yet to try the stay matte primer but I love the foundation so this sounds great :)
    Kathy x

  5. Awww, I've never tried anything from Rimmel... but it sounds quite interesting.
    Have a great day!


  6. Their brow pencil was the first brow product I ever used, it was the only one around from the drugstore that was decent!! x

  7. I used to love this foundation and forgot all about it, I definitely need to repurchase it!

    Shellie Skillen