Oh I was so happy when I came up with the punny title - well done me! Anyway so spring is finally here and everyone will be cleaning away those cobwebs and freshening up for the sunny weather, however, i've decided to give myself a spring cleanse. With the hot weather approaching and the time for spending lots more time outside I want to give my skin a bit of a cleanse and brighten it up. Here are the cleansing products and tools I have been reaching for...

This isn't actually a product i've just started using as I have been using it everyday for the past year or so and my skincare routine wouldn't be complete without it. I usually remove my heavy makeup with a wipe and then i'll follow with this as it literally wipes away and residual makeup and dirt and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I also find that my skin can be sensitive to a lot of products but this one doesn't affect it at all and I would probably say its the reason I have less and less breakouts now.

Since the end of last year I try to use a face mask once a week just to deeply cleanse my skin and it's always nice to have a chilled night and pamper yourself. I picked this KIKO one as its recommended for oily skin types and I sometimes get an oily t-zone so I wanted to minimise it. The mask is a very pale green shade and does make you look a little like Shrek but the smell is really refreshing and its almost like a mask you've made yourself. I actually wore this the other night after not using it for a while and my skin the next day felt amazing and soft!

This is one of the products I picked up at the #BloggersFestival and i'm till obsessing over it. Its another one I try to use once a week - obviously not on the same day as a mask as I don't want to overload my skin. This polish has a very fine grain in it to purify and smooth the skin by removing dirt and dead skin cells. It also contains papaya extract to decongest the pores and leave the skin silky smooth, and it also adds the most gorgeous smell to it.

KIKO Cleansing Pure Gel

I picked this up in the Christmas sales as I wanted cleanser to use with my cleansing brush but I can't seem to find it on the KIKO website now, it might still be available in shops though. This gel based cleanser is the perfect everyday cleanser/face wash and I actually keep mine in the shower so its easier to wash off. When you massage it together it sort of turns into this foam and the great thing is it doesn't sting too bad if it gets into your eyes.

SilverCrest Sonic Cleansing Brush | £19.99 | post

With the likes of Magnitone and Clarisonic everywhere with their cleansing brushes I desperately wanted to get my hands on one but the £100+ price tag was such a put off. This version was on sale in Lidl at christmas time and my mum luckily got one for me. Its a very similar shape to Magnitone/Clarisonic and have 4 vibration settings. I like to use this with the  KIKO cleansing gel for an extra deep cleanse but it still feels soft on your face.

Oh the wonders you find in your mum's beauty drawers. I was sneakily searching through them the other day when I spotted this after wanting it for ages, my mum luckily doesn't use it herself so I managed to have it. The balm is very much like vaseline in texture and it does feel a little odd applying it all over my face, but it literally melts your makeup away. I used it for the first time after removing my makeup with a wipe and micellar water and still there was lots more makeup to come off. This is now another addition to my everyday skincare routine and I'm hoping I don't use all of the little pot too soon!

Shockingly this is the first LUSH mask i've tried but I just couldn't resist the chocolatey smell. This is pretty much like massaging a good for you chocolate cake batter all over your face. It's a thick consistency with raw cocoa powder to draw out any dirt, fresh mint to invigorate the skin and cocoa butter to soften and moisturise the skin. I would advise to be careful with this though as its pretty messy and my sink was covered in it.

What products will you be using for a spring cleanse?



  1. These all sound like such lovely products! I love the micellar cleansing water because it does such a good job of removing all the makeup without destroying my skin and making it too dry :)

    Kathy x

  2. Micellar water all theeee way! I have this amazing rosehip oil cream cleasner I love :) x

    Katina | www.katinalindaa.com

  3. I love the Garnier Micellar Water, it takes off my makeup so easily!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup