I can't actually believe it's the end of March already, although roll on summer as I'm sick of this wet and cold weather now. This months favourites are majority new with the addition of one old favourites I've started loving again. 

I've been loving this foundation for a while now after picking up a tester in Boots a couple of weeks ago and luckily when my parents went on holiday they picked me up a full bottle in duty free. YSL revamped the formula this year to make it more of a full coverage but still lightweight on the skin. I love this as it gives my skin a dewy finish and looks lovely now the weather is getting a little warmer.

I've been after the UD setting spray for ages but can't justify the price when I don't have much money coming in, so I opted for this L'Oreal one since I'd heard it was just as good. A light spray all over my face sets my makeup and leave it looking flawless all day, I can't even notice it rubbing off on my fingers like I would before. Just remember to shake the bottle properly before you spray otherwise you end up with white marks on your skin like I found out.

This month I finally picked up some NYX products and this is one of my absolute favourites. I've started using a translucent powder more often as I prefer to just set my makeup rather than distort it with a coloured powder. This powder is soft and smooth and applies to the skin smoothly and leaves the skin looking radiant.

So I jumped on the band wagon and picked up this to use as a primer. I was a little sceptical at first as it really didn't smell like something I wanted to lather all over my face, however, once applied it smoothes out the skin and creates the perfect base for foundation. I have noticed that it does make my makeup last longer and the foundation blends easier.

I really can't believe I've taking this long to try out these and now I need them all. The formula is soft and creamy and applies smoothly to the lips with the sponge applicator. London is a neutral brown nude shade, very similar to Velvet Teddy i'd say. When it's applied to your lips its lightweight and it almost feels like you aren't wearing anything.

Although I own all the Naked palettes and love them I sometimes neglect them in favour of other palettes, however this month I've been using the Naked 2 all the time. This palette is a selection of taupes and grey shades with either a matte or shimmer finish. Some of the shades i've been loving are half baked (golden bronze with a shimmery finish), tease (pale brown with a matte finish) and YDK (a metallic taupe).

Topshop Nail Polish in Lost for Words and Too Good to be Blue | £1.50 each

I love finding bargains in Topshop sales and these nail polishes were one of those, I actually picked up 5 new ones as they were only £1.50 each and these two shades are ones I'm loving for spring/summer. Lost for Words is a soft pink with a slight shimmer and Too Good to be Blue is a vibrant blue shade.

What are you March favourites?



  1. The Naked 2 palette is amazing! I need to try out the loreal makeup spray, it sounds great! X

  2. The blue is a lovely nail colour! BRING ON SPRING COLOURS! :)
    Jess @

  3. Great picks! I love the L'Oreal setting spray, such a good affordable find! x

  4. Lovely post - I think I'll have to pick up the Nivea Men balm it sounds like a brilliant primer!

    Lucy | Forever September

  5. I plan on picking up that nivea balm tomorrow, I've heard so many good things! x

  6. I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't get the hype surrounded the Nivea balm, haha! I've tried it but it didn't impressed me more then some of my favourite primers. I also love that L'Oreal Setting spray! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  7. I love your favourites! I will definitely have to pick up the shave balm as a primer because everyone loves it :) Also the naked palette is something I have yet to try but once again it is another favourite everyone loves

  8. Those shadows are beautiful, ever so pigmented! The YSL foundation sounds faaab! xx

    Jasmine ||

  9. So many of my great loves!!!! NYX lipsticks and UD palettes are heaven!!

    Mel |

  10. I have extremely oily skin and I tried the Nivea balm but it didn't quite work for me! I've only tried it a couple times so I guess I'll give it another shot haha x

    Katina |

  11. I love the nivea post shave balm, such a good affordable primer!!

  12. I need to pick up the Nivea primer! I bought a few of the NYX glosses and lip creams and they're so nice I can't believe it took me this long to try them either!

    Shellie Skillen

  13. I'm such a lover of reading favourites posts! I've also been loving the Nivea mens post shave balm! x