When it comes to the beauty essentials I actually don't carry that many around with me, I prefer to apply my makeup in the morning and hopefully it stays that way. however, there are some essentials I wouldn't leave the house without and are permanent fixture in my handbag.

I got this as a free gift when I was shopping in KIKO before christmas and just shoved it into my handbag thinking i'd never use it. After wearing it a couple of time whilst I was out its grown on mess much and one of my favourite balms to apply throughout the day. I have the shade cherry, which is a candy floss pink shade and has a sweet cherry taste to it as well. It contains shea butter and vitamins to keep the lips moisturised and soft.

I like to keep a selection of lip products in my bag and this nude lip is one of my favourites and such an everyday nude shade. I have the shade absolutely flawless which is cool tone coffee shade and it has the most amazing butterscotch smell. The finish is very much satin and it has a creamy texture.

After buying pretty much all of the flavours of these whilst I was in New York I have spotted around my house in all the places I need one. I have two stored in my bag but this coconut flavoured one is my favourite and it smells amazing. These balms keep my lips moisturised and soft and the little balls are so handy to carry around.

Chloé See By Chloé Mini Perfume

Yet another of my mums products passed onto me, she got the large version of the See By Chloe in the christmas sales and passed the mini handbag version down to me. I like to keep a mini perfume in my bag for when I feel like I need freshening up. My only issue with this one is that its not a spray bottle so you have to pour it onto yourself.

Tangle Angel Mini 

I love my full size Tangle Angel and its the best thing for getting the knots out of my long hair. This mini version came as a free gift with my Zoeva brushes for christmas and its the perfect size for putting in my handbag. Although its small it doesn't take long to detangle my long hair after a super windy day.

Benefit They're Real Mini 

Who doesn't love Benefit's no1 seller and this mini version is perfect for carrying around, I got this in one of their christmas gift sets and its perfect as although its a mini version you still get a full size brush so you still get volumised lashes.

With all this cold weather my hands are really suffering and constantly dry and sore, I must apply this cream 3-4 times a day and it keeps my hands soft and that dry skin away. The Neroli and Orchidee has this very floral scent but nothing to heavy and you still get hints of it  throughout the day.

I like to carry a powder around with me to help get rid of any shine I get throughout the day. This compact is quite handy as it comes with the powder in the top section and the sponge and a little mirror in the bottom section.

What are your handbag beauty essentials? 



  1. I love chloe perfumes! I must try this one out and a mini one would be so cute to keep in my purse :)


  2. I have to try the Loreal Infallible Matte Powder, it sounds amazing!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  3. I have a Chloé perfume in my bag too ! But it is the Love story fragrance !

  4. Always need powder and hand cream!! I need to get one of those tangle angels, I have one for my dog and haven't got round to getting one for myself! As if! xx


  5. Chloe perfumes smell amazing. The infallible powder is really nice too x


  6. Keeping minis in your handbag is such a great idea! Blotting papers and lipstick are essentials for me!

    xo, Liz

  7. I hardly carry anything beauty related around however I can't go out without a lip balm - the EOS Coconut one sounds lovely!

    Lucy | Forever September

  8. First off, we share the same name! Totally name twinning. :D Second, I love all of Benefit's mascaras and love Chloe's perfumes! :)

    S .x http://ramblingsofayoungprgirl.blogspot.com

  9. Benefit They're real is amazing - have you tried the RollerLash? Going to give the makeup revolution lipsticks a go! Such good value.
    Great post.

    Louise | Lifestylen.co.uk

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