Taking a lot of inspiration here from Em at My Pale Skin and one of her videos where she did a full FOTD for under £20. Instead of going out and buying all new products I decided to use products from my own collection. I originally wanted it to be under £20 but when it came to foundation and mascara it was really difficult to keep to below £20. So here is my FOTD for under £30...

This is a recent addition to my collection and a great every day foundation, I have the shade sand which as I said in my previous post I was shocked about as this was around the second darkest shade available. The matte finish is also great as it can eliminate the need for powder if your in a rush or under budget like I am with this post. 

I feature this in a lot of my posts as it's honestly one of the best drugstore concealers i've tried and very similar to the NARS creamy concealer. The consistency is quite thick but its great for covering dark under eye circles or blemishes and stays in place for a prolonged period.

I picked this purely for the fact that it can have so many uses; bronzer, highlighter and even eyeshadow. It looks very much like the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks with the different shades and the shimmer is has is lovely. I used the bottom 3 shades as a bronzer and for my eyes and the top shade as a highlighter and again on the eyes.

You honestly can't go wrong with this at £1 and pigmentation is so much better than you would have though, when I first used this I ended up with bright pink cheeks as more went on the brush than I realised. The shade I have here is #3, I can't actually pick which one it is on the website as they are names but its a rose pink shade with brown undertones.

Yet another of my favourites and so affordable, I picked this one up a while back as its actually the only blonde pencil I've found that is truly blonde. The consistency of the product itself is a lot more creamy and soft compared to other pencils so does need sharpening a lot more often but its still great and only £1!!

I was obsessed with this mascara last summer but for some reason when it ran out I never repurchases, so last week I picked it up again and its just as good. The plastic wand lengthens and separates lasts whilst still adding some volume, its very much like the Benefit Roller Lash - if you're looking for a cheaper alternative. 

This is one of my absolute favourite nude shades and perfect for everyday. Its actually one I carry round in my handbag incase the one Im wearing wears off or i'm heading somewhere i'd need lipstick. This is the shade Absolutely Flawless and its a cool toned nude shade, it also has this amazing almost butterscotch smell I love!

So thats it my FOTD comes to a grand total of £29.65 and they are all products i'd recommend since they are from my own collection.

Do any of your use these products? What do you think?



  1. This is such a great post! I've heard great things about the L'oreal foundation! It looks really nice
    Paula |

  2. The matte foundation sounds perfect. I love a good matte product. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  3. Your concealer and mascara are two of my favourites too! Really love MUA and Seventeen when it comes to budget makeup, they're so underrated x

    Always, Alice

  4. I love MUA blushes. The brilliant for just a pound. Lash sensational is my go to mascara as well. Great picks xx

    1. yea me too mua bluses is great x

  5. The Shimmer brick looks good ! Nice post I love to discover affordable products !
    Alexandra xx

  6. That L'Oreal foundation and Maybelline mascara are some of my favourite products too :) I also have that Seventeen shimmer brick and I agree that the shimmer is beautiful. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  7. I'm yet to try the L'Oreal Infallible Foundation and it sounds so so good! Great picks! x