So my monthly favourites are back again this month and I actually want to make it a regular to round up all my favourite products (old or new) every month. Although, whilst i'm still at uni most of the products will probably be some old favourites due to funding issues as a student. I originally wanted to get my favourites up before the month was over and then the 1st of March came around so quick so here they are today. Before this post I actually thought i'd bought no new products and in actual fact all of these were new bar one (whoops, spending ban failed!)

I picked this up a couple of weeks ago when my boyfriend was down for valentines day and we headed into town shopping, I actually had no intention of buying anything but the masks at Lush drew me in. I must have spent a good 15 minutes smelling them all until decided that Cupcake was too good to resist. The mask is a rich brown shade (pretty much like putting mud on your face) with a gorgeous cocoa smell - almost good enough to eat.

I blogged about this in more detail recently after rediscovering it at the back of my palette collection, but I had to include it in my Feb favourites because I really have used it a lot in the last month. This palette has 32 shades ranging from soft neutrals to dark browns and blacks all in either a matte or shimmer finish. If your looking for an affordable palette with a great selection of everyday shades then definitely go for this and its actually similar to some of the Morphe palettes out there but half the price.

I picked this up in Boots because it look so much like the new ABH brow definer. S&G have actually just released this with along with lots of other new products i'm dying to get my hands on as well! This version of Archery comes with a slanted pencil at one and a setting gel at the other with a brush applicator. The slanted pencil is great for getting a great shade and definition to your brown and they can be set in place with the gel. I have the shade blonde and I could do with it being a little dark but the others would definitely we too dark for me.

This is definitely my no1. product of the month and it's probably not been off my face all month. It's a gorgeous shimmery, peachy champagne shade and applies to your skin like butter leaving behind this sheen of sparkle. It's the first BECCA product i've owned and now I'm so keen to try out some of the other powders and highlighters.

This was one of the bargains I found at Bicester Village at the end of last month and I just had to have. In the cosmetics shop there normally the MAC section is picked over and not a lot to buy but they had a couple of lipsticks there for just £11! Runway Hit is described as a light nude with a matte finish, I would actually say it more of a coral nude, a shade i'll definitely be wearing a lot of in the summer! This is a retro matte and I don't actually find it as drying as there other mattes lipsticks.

Ciate X Olivia Palermo Cheekbone Cheat Duo in Bluff Point | £25.00

If you read my Jan favourites then you would have seen the OP lipstick in there after I discovered it in TK Maxx, I was gutted when I got them that this was available! So when I popped in there again recently and saw this one sitting there all pretty and untouched I had to have it, priced at £9.99 in TK Maxx I would say that is a good price point and definitely wouldn't pay the £25.00 on the Ciate website. I love this as its perfect to take about with me, with a blusher and a bronze; both are matte and the bronzer is a cool toned chocolate shade and the blusher is a mauve pink. The packaging is also pretty sturdy and I wouldn't worry about it breaking in my bag

What are your February favourites?



  1. These are nice products. The face mask smells amazing, I need to actually buy it next time instead of just smelling it.


  2. I love Champagne Pop, it's beautiful!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  3. These are all products I'd love to try! That shadow palette looks gorgeous and a great price!


  4. The bronzer looks really good !

  5. The Ciate Duo looks gorgeous! Im looking MAC Plumful this month.
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

  6. Stunning photos and favourites! I really love Lush's Cupcake mask too it makes my skin feel amazing and so clean!


  7. I've never tried anything from Makeup Revolution, but that palette looks stunning. Great blog post!


  8. I need to try Champagne Pop, I have a Becca highlighter in Moonstone and I love that!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

  9. the palette looks so pretty for everyday! awesome picks <3

    Life in Pastel

  10. Love Champagne Pop! :) I need to dig the Flawless palette back out - I loved it a year or so ago and I remember really liking Cupcake when I tried it too xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  11. Wow, that eyeshadow palette is gorgeous! I really need to get my hands on more Makeup Revolution products!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty