I can't actually believe it's the end of March already, although roll on summer as I'm sick of this wet and cold weather now. This months favourites are majority new with the addition of one old favourites I've started loving again. 


NYX has actually been everywhere recently, especially since it is now readily available in the UK from Boots, ASOS, Selfridges and Feel Unique. I just can't believe its taken me this long to pick up some products. I'm pretty sure I used to own one of their lipsticks about 3 years ago when it was available from Next but I think I got rid of it a while ago. I'm also annoyed at myself that when I was in NY last June I planned to pick up some products there and forgot to go back to the store for them. This haul is from both ASOS when they had 20% student discount and I got the powder using my boots points.


Happy Easter Sunday everybody! I hope you're all having a lovely day stuffing your faces with chocolate! This is the second part of my spring nail picks (part one here) since I just had too many to put in one post. This one is all about the brights and the shades i'll be picking more in May/June time especially since we get ones day of sunshine then the wet and cold weather makes a reappearance. I've realise recently I have way too many nail polishes and lots of them are shades i'd never wear or duplicates of another. So i've been thinking about doing a giveaway with any full or nearly full bottles that I either don't wear or already have that colour - so please let me know if you'd be interested so I can sort it out! Anyway back to my spring brights picks...


Happy Easter Weekend everybody! I hope you're all ready for the long weekend and it's finally the time where we can all stuff our faces with chocolate and not feel guilty! I'm a big baking fanatic and would bake every weekend if I could, it's just the issue of having to eat it all after! Since its easter and my parents have friends visiting I decided to bake some cupcakes and give them a little easter theme, especially since my favourite part of baking is the decorating!


I was originally writing this as FOTD high end #2 as I thought i'd done one before, but after looking through my blog turns out I actually haven't. In my opinion some products are worth spending that little bit extra on and sometimes you can find something just as good in the drugstore. My collection has a mixture between high end and drugstore, but here is a full face of the day featuring only high end.


When it comes to the beauty essentials I actually don't carry that many around with me, I prefer to apply my makeup in the morning and hopefully it stays that way. however, there are some essentials I wouldn't leave the house without and are permanent fixture in my handbag.


Oh I was so happy when I came up with the punny title - well done me! Anyway so spring is finally here and everyone will be cleaning away those cobwebs and freshening up for the sunny weather, however, i've decided to give myself a spring cleanse. With the hot weather approaching and the time for spending lots more time outside I want to give my skin a bit of a cleanse and brighten it up. Here are the cleansing products and tools I have been reaching for...


So finally spring has made an appearance and the weather has been in double figures, it shocked me the other day to see that 2 years ago I was at the beach having an ice cream, hopefully i'll be doing that again soon. Anyway this post was originally going to be all spring nails shade but after going through my collection there was just too many to choose from so here is the pastels edition - please expect a spring brights edition soon.


Taking a lot of inspiration here from Em at My Pale Skin and one of her videos where she did a full FOTD for under £20. Instead of going out and buying all new products I decided to use products from my own collection. I originally wanted it to be under £20 but when it came to foundation and mascara it was really difficult to keep to below £20. So here is my FOTD for under £30...


Recently L'Oreal launched a whole new range of Infallible Sculpting products, ranging from products for eyes and brows to contouring and blush. Whilst these products from their original Infallible range have been out for a while I'd yet to try them until now. When I was shopping with my mum recently and L'Oreal products where all 3 for 2 in Boots she kindly treated me to some of their products.


Until the past 6 months I rarely worse eyeshadow everyday and left that to my nights out. But after my collection has grown I've started playing around with eye looks everyday and one of my most important parts is getting that inner corner highlight. If you have close set eyes (where you can't fit one of your own eyes in the middle of your eyes) like me, then brightening the inner corner is important to make them appear wider apart - it also looks pretty gorgeous. My favourite products for getting that highlight is cream eyeshadows and pencils, so here they...


I'm pretty upset with myself that I haven't kept up with my blogging schedule this week, but after being at home for the weekend and coming back to lots of uni work, I really haven't had the chance. Although, I'm back today and a post all about one of my favourite makeup shades to wear, PINK -I guess this is the barbie in me coming out. Now that spring is supposed to be on its way, although you wouldn't think it with the weather, I thought it was time to put away the red and berry shades. Pink is one of those versatile shades that can be quite subtle or something really out there, I love to have a shade for every occasion. So here are some of my favourite pink products...


When it comes to perfecting my makeup base, including primer, foundation and concealer I'm a high end girl at heart. They have such a better selection of finishes, coverage and it always seems to leave my skin looking much more flawless. However, for day-to-day use I tend to use drugstore and I have found a few gems on the market. Here is the run down of my current favourites...


If you haven't realise by some of my recent posts I'm pretty obsessed with painting my nails and my collection is huge. Wearing dark nails is probably one of my favourites as I find they go with a lot more and they always seem to make my hands look more tanned! Todays selection has a range of deep reds, purples and blues.


So my monthly favourites are back again this month and I actually want to make it a regular to round up all my favourite products (old or new) every month. Although, whilst i'm still at uni most of the products will probably be some old favourites due to funding issues as a student. I originally wanted to get my favourites up before the month was over and then the 1st of March came around so quick so here they are today. Before this post I actually thought i'd bought no new products and in actual fact all of these were new bar one (whoops, spending ban failed!)