I definitely have some days where I'm in a bit of a funk and nothing seems to be able to cheer me up. I have decided though that I now need to become a much more positive person and if something doesn't go my way then its something to learn from and not dwell on. For todays post I thought i'd go through 25 things that cheer me up, put a smile on my face or give me that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

  1. A productive day - if I don't have any particular plans for the day I still try and be productive and will either get some blogging done, university work or maybe have a spring clean
  2. A compliment from a stranger - I recently got complimented on my makeup whilst shopping and it definitely made my day
  3. Unexpected texts/calls - there is nothing better than getting that text telling you something exciting you weren't expecting
  4. Online deliveries - its almost like giving yourself a present
  5. A fresh lipstick - a new shade in my lipstick collection is always a bonus and as soon as your wear it you can feel like a new woman
  6. When your makeup goes perfectly - if your eyebrows and winged eyeliner both match then you are ready to conquer the world
  7. A sunny day - not only does the sunshine instantly lift your mood but it is also the perfect weather for a blog photography session
  8. The holiday countdown - if you have a trip coming up there is no better feeling that knowing you'll be soon heading off to the airport and on that plan
  9. A duvet day - although I love being productive have a day in front of the TV in my pyjamas is also amazing 
  10. End of the day Friday - when I was working full time finally reaching Friday evening always put a smile on my face knowing I had two days off
  11. Days out with loved ones - if you have plans for an exciting day out then the countdown to that can sometimes be just as good as a holiday
  12. Shopping trip - as a self confessed shopaholic there is no better day then checking out all the new clothes and leaving with some treats.
  13. Hunting down something in your size - if you've had a product on your wish list for a while then finally finding it in your size is amazing
  14. A delicious meal - I mean who doesn't find that food makes you happy
  15. Breakfast in bed - a chilled Saturday morning watching tv and eating breakfast in bed is perfect (especially if its bought by someone else)
  16. Positive feedback on your work - whether its my uni work or blog getting positive feedback is incredible
  17. A new outfit - If I ever buy new clothes when I first wear them I always feel so much more confident
  18. A fresh hair do - I love the look and feeling of my hair after its been done at the hairdressers
  19. Losing weight - if I'm on a diet and going to the gym then seeing it pay off is a great feeling
  20. A night out/in with friends - whether we're hitting the clubs or getting a takeaway spending time with my friends is the best
  21. A clean room and fresh bed sheets - as a bit of a clean freak having a clean room and fresh sheets always puts me in a good mood
  22. Unexpected presents - receiving a gift, whatever it is, unexpectedly is always a reason to put a smile on my face
  23. Spending time with my mum - I would probably say my mum is my best friend so spending quality time with her when I'm home from university is the best
  24. Fresh nails - painting my nails and seeing them all nice and shiny is an instant mood lifter
  25. A smile from a stranger - on a bad day a simple smile can lift my mood and remind me that not all is bad
What things make you happy?



  1. Wearing new clothes for the first time always makes me so happy and when my eyeliner is looking good as well! :)
    Paula |

  2. I love this idea and post so much! It made me smile when I was reading it as I agree with most of these! xox

  3. this is so positive and teminds us to be grateful.. thanks for sharing! this post made my day <3

    Life in Pastel

  4. I love this! These posts always make me really happy!

    Jemima x

  5. A shopping trip can always make me feel better :) Lovely post!!

    Kathy xx

  6. I agree with all of these things!xx

    Sinead |

  7. Just reading all of these things makes me so happy already! Having a productive day usually means I go to bed with a smile <3 Trying new things and exercising make me happy as well :) Although nothing really beat finding the dress you have wanted for a really long time in your size AND for a major discount!! xx

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡

  8. Having a productive day always make me happy !

  9. Love this! Things like clearing my inbox of emails, winged eyeliner going perfectly and surprises through the post all make me happy xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  10. It's amazing how much a sunny day can help!

  11. I've had a few bad days recently so I really needed this right now. Fresh lipstick, good food & deliveries always make me smile.

    luce | xx

  12. Nothing like a fresh lipstick and a duvet day to make me super happy! xx

  13. i agree with all of them. i get an instant happiness boost when my place is clean, when my boyfriend gives me and unexpected hug or kiss and when my cat greets me at the door when i get home. basically everything my cat does makes me happy.

  14. Love these!!! I get a happiness boost when I light a nice candle, take a bubble bath, read a good book, sunshine, pray, when I go shopping :)