February for me has been a no spend month, excluding the slip up I had last weekend when I spotted the Olivia Palermo Ciate Cheek Cheat in TK Maxx (I just had to get it, as you don't know when it would be in there again!) So since no new beauty products will be entering my life I'm rotating some of my products and making use of some of my old ones. This Makeup Revolution palette has been collecting dust at the back of my box of palettes for probably 9 months now as I accumulated so many other pretty palettes.

Makeup Revolution has been one of my favourite drugstore brands for a while and some of the products they bring out make for perfect dupes of high end favourites. All of there products are affordable and the selection is incredible. I'm a big fan of their lip products, blushes and of course eyeshadows.

Lets start with the packaging, the 32 shadows are housed in a simple shiny black case with gold writing across the top, its quite sleek and simple compared to some of their other packing. One of the big bonuses with this packaging in the large sized mirror inside and if you want to take this on your travels its perfect for on the go application. I find that Makeup Revolution's packing is quite sturdy and if you are taking this palette on a long journey I think the shadows would be perfectly safe. The actual pan size is probably a little smaller that the likes of MAC and Makeup Geek but since you are getting 32 shades for £8 you can't really go wrong.

Now the important part the shades, when I was looking on the website at this palette I actually didn't realise it was part of a collection in the Ultra 32 shade palettes. The one I have is Flawless, which is a selection of mid-tones earthy shades including lots of taupes, bronzes, burgundies, greens and some deeps blues with either a matte or shimmer finish. Unfortunately these shades don't have names of numbers to distinguish from each other so I can't point out my favourites but i've been loving the pale shades in the top row for an inner corner highlight, the mid-toned neutrals in the middles for the lid base and the darker shades for the outer corner shadow. 

If you're on the look out for a dupe for the MAC 15 shade palettes and the Makeup Geek palettes you can build yourself then this is perfect to try out. The selection of neutral shades is brilliant for creating a natural smokey eye or a simple day time look

What do you all think of this eyeshadow palette?



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  2. My palettes often get lost in my collection too! I love MUR palettes so it's no surprise this one is great too. Such gorgeous colours in this though xxx

    Jasmine ||

  3. This palette looks lovely! I've been looking for a new eyeshadow palette so i might try this one out!
    Paula |

  4. This palette looks great!! I love the deeper shimmer shades :)

    Kathy xx

  5. make up revolution does such amazing products. i have a few of their blush palettes and they are amazing.

  6. I have this palette. I completely forgotten about it. You've reminded me to dig it out. I love Makeup Revolution as a whole! xx

  7. Why have I never seen this?? This looks exactly like the Mac palette I've been wanting for ages! Going to have to grab this! xx

    Tamz |

  8. I have this palette and I love it! It's SO pigmented.

    Corinne x

  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is backed up on palette usage. This one looks really interesting. Love your post!


    Trecee |