In case some of you didn't know, I actually started a professional makeup course in January at the Arts University Bournemouth. Obviously makeup is a big passion of mine so learning how to apply it to other people and do it the right way is something i've been interested in for a while. One of big things I've learnt so far is how to contour and highlight the right way for each face shade, so as good as it may look when YouTubers do it in their videos it isn't the same for everyone.

When it comes to contouring (or corrective makeup) there is 2-3 shades you should use on your face:
  • Highlight - lighter than your skin tone to draw attention to that area
  • Shading - darkest shade to draw attention away from that area
  • Contour - a warmer shade than your skin tone to add warmth
Oval Face Shade - this is thought of as the perfect face shape, so you won't need too much corrective contouring. You should highlight the forehead, chin and under eyes to draw attention to that area and contour the hollows of the cheeks to make them appear more structured. 

Pear/Triangle Face Shape - these two are very similar but also opposite, for the pear shape you would have a narrow forehead, obvious cheekbones and a wide jawline. whilst the triangle face shade is wide at the cheekbones and jaw line but a much more defined chin. You should highlight the centre of the forehead, chine and under eyes and contour the cheek to move the attention away and shade the jawline with warmth.

Heart Shape Face - this is for those whose hairline comes down at the centre (very much like Kim/Kourtney Kardashian), wide cheeks bones and a sharp jawline and chin. You should contour the temples and cheeks to reduce the width and highlight the centre of the forehead, under eyes and chin to draw attention to the centre of the face.
Oblong Face Shape - this is very much like the oval but longer and narrow, to reduce the length you should shade the lower section of the chin and highlight the cheekbones and also add blush to the apples of your cheeks to widen your face.

Diamond Face Shape - this is for those with a narrow forehead and chin but wide cheek bones (imagine Jennifer Anniston). You should highlight the narrow parts of your forehead and jawline and the forehead, chin and under eyes to draw attention to those areas. Contour the cheekbones to draw attention away from this area and shade the tip of the chin and height in the forehead.

Round Face Shape - this is pretty much as described, a round jawline and wide cheekbones. To reduce the width in the face contour the temples, cheeks and jawline to create more of an oval shade and highlight the forehead, chine and under eyes to draw attention to the centre of the face.

Square Face Shape - another that is as it says, you have a square forehead, wide cheekbones and jawline. You should shade the corners of your forehead and jawline to round off the face and highlight the forehead, chin and under eyes to bring the attention to the centre of your face.

When it comes to my face and probably a lot of other I don't fall into a generic category, my face is between an upside down pear and a triangle. I have a narrow forehead but its quite high, with wide cheek bones and a slightly narrow jawline. I've put a picture below to show how I contour and highlight on a daily basis.

My favourite product to use for my contour base has to be the Anastasia Beverly Hill Cream Contour Kit in light to medium, I apply this over the top of my foundation and blend using the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. Once i've blended and set with a translucent powder i'll define my face even more with powder contour, my favourite products have to be the ABH Powder Contour Kit, Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow and SEVENTEEN Define and Conquer Contour Kit. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully i'll be bringing you some more tips I learn soon



  1. Im not the greatest when it comes to contouring but I like to do my nose, forehead and cheekbone lighlty. X

  2. Great guide! Thank you for sharing your tips <3

    Abigail Alice x

  3. Ooh I thought I knew what I was doing when I contoured but maybe not! I never even thought about my face shape! Thanks for sharing! x

  4. I never know what face shape I have! I need it read by someone or something haha. I tend to just contour my cheekbones as that's where I notice the difference and I'm not very skilled at it...xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  5. I'm not a pro at concealer but using a yellowish powder under my eyes is super important! I also find cream contouring a bit harder so this was really helpful! :)

    Kathy xx

  6. Such a helpful post! Thanks so much for this :)

    Katina |

  7. All these products look ah-mazing! This is only taking my contouring addiction to a whole other level.

  8. This was so helpful, thank you! I definitely want to pick the ABH cream contour as well now :) xx

  9. This was an interesting post to read, I love contouring but it was cool to read about how different shades should be doing it.

    Four Cats Plus Us