When it comes to nail varnish my collection is pretty excessive (too much my mum keeps telling me)! So I've decided to start dedicating some blog posts to my collection and the colours of the rainbow, todays colour is pink - this is where my true Barbie side comes out! 

Revlon Parfumerie African Tea Rose | post 

One of the main reasons I actually picked up this polish was for the adorable bottle - I mean its acceptable to buy things for how pretty they look?! Although this one is advertised as being scented, unfortunately it just smells like nail polish to me. This is vibrant pink shade with blue undertones.

Barry M Christmas LE 2012

I'm actually so upset that i've realised this was limited edition, i'll be savouring each drop. This glittery pink shade is one of my go to's in the festive season when I don't want to go for the obligatory red.

KIKO Pearly Glaze Pink #504

I picked up this one in the Kiko sale at christmas after being drawn to the amazing shimmer it had. It's a soft coral/pink shade with a very subtle shimmer.

ESSIE Muchi, Muchi

I'm such a fan of ESSIE polishes, they are just amazing quality and the colour selection is great. This pink shade is an powder pink shade and for those days when i'm not feeling a vibrant shade. My only issue with this is to get an opaque finish you need a few coats.

RickyColor Final Share Weekend

I'm absolutely obsessed with this pink after picking it up in New York back in the summer. This neon bright pink shade is definitely one thats makes people stop and stare. I'm kind of sad that these aren't available in the UK as i'll definitely repurchase

OPI Kiss Me i'm Brazilian 

I actually got given this shade as a gift and it got put into my collection and forgotten about until a couple of months ago. When I first wore it I actually got lots of compliments on the shade and I can understand why. This shade is very similar to the KIKO polish without the glitter.

What are some of your favourite pink nails polishes?



  1. That Barry M nail polish is stunning, I'm definitely going to have to pick that up! x


  2. Gorgeous shades! I'm absolutely obsessed with Essie polishes but I often have the same issue with the lighter shades.. they take SO many coats before you've got any opaque-ness to your nail colour! But other than that, they are a fab brand! xx

    Ciara Rose |