Part of my 2016 goals was to get more organised with my blog and i've finally found the perfect planner to do that with. I had spotted this planner on countless other blogger's blogs and instagrams and had been wondering where it was from and I finally discovered it was from Stephanie at I was actually treated to this by my boyfriend but the £15.99 + P&P price tag is great for everything you get.

The start of the journal includes a lot of helpful information that I have probably neglected to even think about, including blogging terminology, optimal posting times, blog post ideas, SEO tips and tricks etc. And my favourite part the Twitter chat times, I always say to myself that I need to start taking part in the twitter chats more but I never seem to remember time or i'll notice when its due to end. So I'm super happy there is a little calendar and I can start to take part more!

If your looking to combine note taking and a diary then this is perfect. It includes a year planner, 12 monthly planners and 52 weekly planners with a little notes section at the end of each week. On each day in the weekly planner you also get little tick off lists for social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. handy for making sure you have promoted all of your blog posts. You also get a notes section at the end of each week, which I have been using to write down all my blog ideas and tick them off as I take photos etc. Another thing I love is that you get a Blog Tip at the end of each week which I have found extremely useful and have taught me things i'd never even heard of.

At the end of each month you get a page dedicated to statistics on your blog to track all the information and see how your blog is improving and a little income calculator - admittedly something I would probably never use as my blog is purely a hobby but I'm sure its extremely helpful for full time bloggers or those who make money from it. The end of each month is concluded with a inspirational quote or message, these are perfect for motivating you or even just cheering you up on a bad day. The final part of the journal includes 5 contact sheets which are perfect for storing and names, numbers and email addresses of people you meet in the blogging world or otherwise.

So far I am thoroughly please with this little planner and hopefully it will be make a super organised blogger before I know it. The Blogger Journal is available from Stephanie's blog and I also noticed that the first lot sold out fast so I'd get on there soon to get yours.



  1. I really want one these! It sounds so handy. Thank for sharing :) xx

  2. This looks amazing! Want, want, want <3

    Kinga | Miss Glamorous Sweatpants

  3. Oh I had no idea it had little cute quotes in it too!! Didn't see any in the original post from Steph!! It looks so amazing, glad you're loving it :) x

    Katina |

  4. This is a great idea!

    xo, Liz

  5. It's already February and I haven't even organised myself enough to get a planner! hahaha. This one seems great though I would love to find one similar to it, I especially love the little motivation pages they give you.

    Kathy xx

  6. I need this in my life! I'm so un-organised when it comes to blogging!

    Sinead |

  7. I have literally just started my blog and I feel a little all over the place, I will defo be on the buying a blogger journal after reading this x

    Rachael | Http://