When it comes to budget beauty I'm all over it because who doesn't love a bargain. When I saw Temporary Secretary's blog post about possible one of the best budget beauty finds ever, I just had to have it! After hinting to my mum she pulled it out the bad and this bad boy was under the christmas tree for me!

For the past year or so I've been lusting over cleansing brushes from the likes of Clarisonic and Magnitone but just couldn't justify the hefty price tags they came with. This is where the SilverCrest Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush, Lidl were selling this in December for just £19.99 down from the RRP of around £155! I haven't been into a Lidl since, so i'm unsure if they would still be on sale but my mum did mention that there weren't that many left when she bought mine.

The set came with the holder, 3 brushers, charging dock and a little carrying pod perfect for when your travelling. In my opinion I can't actually see any difference from the more expensive models (although I've never tried them myself)! 

When looking at cleansing brushes what I wanted was something gentle but that I could also feel working on my skin. The brush itself has 4 selectable settings: gentle cleansing, deep cleansing, pulsating massage, and deep massage. For day-to-day use i've been using the gentle cleansing setting and once a week i'll use the deep cleansing for a deeper clean! I've actually yet to use the massage settings on my skin, so can't give and honest opinion. It's advised that you should use the brush for 15 seconds on each cheek, nose & chin and forehead. It leaves my skin feel soft and free from any dirt and impurities.

What are your thoughts on the facial cleansing brushes?


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  1. I just cannot believe the price of these!! I have a Magnitone but I wish i'd of seen this before I bought it! x