After declaring January as a spending ban, one little trip to TK Maxx ended in disaster - okay I'm a shopaholic and need help! I had only popped in there to look at the gym clothes and got drawn to the makeup collection. When it comes to TK Maxx and the makeup I always find it hit and miss, sometime there is nothing of interest in there or something I would actually buy but everyone has had there hands in it. So when I spotted these two Olivia Palermo X Ciaté lipsticks and they were untouched I just had to have them.

Recently i'd spotted a lot of bloggers with the Cheekbone Cheat Duo from TK Maxx so i'm a little gutted that they did have it. Although these lipsticks were such a bargain at £5.99 as they should retail for £19.00!

VelveteenThe name just oozes luxury and class like you would expect from Olivia and this red shade is just that. It's class deep toned red shade which can be made darker with more layers.

Truffle | This cool toned nude shade with a velvety finish. This is the perfect nude for day-to-day wear, I actually wore this one for an evening and the staying power is great and it only needs reapplying every couple of hours.

In addition to the luxurious names the packaging just oozes glamour and looks great on my dressing table! The gold bullets are just that right shade and not in your face and even the packaging is amazing, a black box with leather finish and gold trim.

Have you tried any of the Olivia Palermo X Ciaté products?



  1. I spotted both of these gorgeous shades in TK Maxx but I managed to get the duo which I love!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Both shades look so beautiful! Truffle is amazing for everyday!

  3. Oooh I love both of these colours and the packaging is adorable! What a bargain too x


  4. I never even knew she had a collection! Looks fab! x

    Vintage haven featuring Boohoo over on -

  5. I bought Truffle and Cashmere from TK Maxx the other day - I love the formula, so creamy. And the packaging is so luxe x