So this post isn't something i'd normally do but to try and motivate myself to actually commit I wanted to write it all down and what better way than my blog. I know its January and I'm probably doing the same thing as half of population but this year I'm going to overhaul my unhealthy lifestyle and get that bikini bod.

I started off 2015 pretty well, I was going to the gym 3-4 times a week and eating pretty healthy and honestly felt better in myself. However, it all went down hill after a 3 weeks in Thailand and moving back to university in September, cue the takeaways, sugary alcoholic drinks and all round eating rubbish!! This past couple of months i've felt so sluggish and unhealthy and decided thats its time to make a change.

After being on Instagram for hours looking at profiles of people have done amazing on Slimming World and my boyfriend having all the books after attending the groups himself, i've decided to try and follow the plan from home. I've read all the books now and the plan seems quite easy to follow and there is so many foods on there that count as free so i'm hoping it will be easy to follow. However, if anyone is or has followed this plan and has some good tips, please let me know.

As well as eating healthier i'm planning to get back into the gym and hopefully go 5 times a week. Since I moved back to uni in September i've been meaning to join the gym for months and i've either had an assignment due in, work or been busy for the weekend that the 3 months had flown by to christmas and still no membership. So January is the month where my gym trainers go back on and I head back there!

Whilst i'm planning all this for January it may not go fully to plan with assignments coming up and exams at the end of the month but this post is just that motivation I need to try and stick to it. I'm aware that this post isn't to all my readers taste and may find it boring but I wanted to write all down as a little reminder to myself not to give up and make 2016 the year where I feel better and healthier.

Are any of you following a healthier lifestyle in 2016?



  1. I do Slimming World and it really does work as long as you stick to the plan! I'd recommend getting the app to check the Syn value of foods when you are out and about and try to eat as much speed food as possible and drink plenty of water! I can't wait to hear more about your journey! If you need some inspiration check out the people's SW Instagram accounts!
    Paige xox

  2. I've never tried slimming world but I am starting 2016 with a personal trainer! I am really excited about it - loads to get my teeth stuck into. Well done for planning on doing it yourself! If your boyfriend has done it I'm sure he can keep you on track. Good luck!
    JH |

  3. I've lost a stone and a half on SW since September and I love it. Hope you're getting on well with it, if you need any tips i've done a post about it xo