Recently, i've become a little obsessed with KIKO makeup, especially since a store has opened up in Birmingham where I shop a lot. I blogged a few months ago about my first KIKO haul (link) and some amazing bits from there Rebel Romantic collection. So when I was in London just before Christmas I was ecstatic to see that some of the products from the collection were in the sale. 

I've been wanting to try out some cream blushers for a while now and was tempting to try out the H&M versions until I saw that these were in the sale for less than £5.00. Much like the other products from the Rebel Romantic collection these blushers are housed in cute rose gold compacts with a simple geometric pattern on top.

The collection consists of 4 shades, unfortunately I could only find 3 in the sale but I am tempted to order the last one online to complete my collection. The consistency of these is a mix between a cream and a powder and its velvety in texture with a satin matte finish. The shades I managed to pick up are 01 Velvet Peach, 03 Treasure Rose and 04 Passion Red Wine. These shades are perfect for winter when you don't want any vibrant pink or coral shades. 

I would definitely recommend if your after some great makeup sales picks to either head to a KIKO store or online as i've picked up some absolute bargains recently and their makeup is such good quality!

What are your thoughts on these blushes?!



  1. I love Kiko makeup but I haven't tried any of these blushers, I definitely want to though! x


  2. I haven't tried anything from kiko yet.. there isn't a store near me! I'm tempted to make an online order! Those blushes look and sound amazing! xx

  3. I love KIKO! I love that it looks so luxurious even though it's amazing in price too haha. Nice post :) xxx

  4. Wow these blushes actually look gorgeous! They remind me of Milani blushes which I love <3 There is a Kiko makeup counter near where I live in London so I will make sure to check it out since I have never went in for some reason :) xx

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡

  5. I saw that the Kiko store was opening up in Birmingham - I NEED to go in, their products look beautiful! These blushes look gorgeous - I really want to try some of their lip products!