16 GOALS FOR 2016

Happy New Years Day everybody! I hope you all have a great NYE! When it comes to making new years resolutions I usually make little ones and then forget about them a week after or fail miserably. However, this year i've decided to set myself some goals for 2016 and then hopefully at the end of next year I can look back to see how well I achieved these.

1) Get good grades in all exams and assignments at uni
I have exams coming up in January and then more in the summer and i'm hoping to do really well in them and get a good grade overall in my degree.

2) Find the perfect graduate job
Probably like every other final year student I'm on the hunt for the perfect graduate job, I actually had my first interview the other day but didn't get any further. After my placement year I'm hoping to work in sales and would love to be able to work within the beauty industry.

3) Join the gym
What a cliche but I really need to get back to gym after not going since i've been back at university and its taken its toll.

4) Eat healthy
Another cliche buy i've also been eating awfully since being back at uni and it needs to stop, I'm also considering maybe cutting out dairy or gluten as I sometimes get stomach ache after eating these.

5) Have fun and do well in my makeup course
I'm starting a professional makeup course in January at Bournemouth Arts University to improve my techniques and teach me new ones and want to enjoy it as much as I can and do well.

6) Travel more
After going to Thailand in august its given me the travelling bug and there is so many places I want to go to now. I'd actually like to go to more places in Europe and the UK as they are easily reachable and can be done in a short weekend.

7) Improve my blog photography
Since I started my blog I think that my photography has come on leaps and bounds, especially since I now use a camera rather than my phone. But I still find faults with it and want to continue to improve.

8) Improve my blog content
I love being creative with the content on my blog and hope that in 2016 I can continue to write good posts.

9) Surround myself with great people
I have some amazing friend at university and a great boyfriend but i'd love to be able to socialise a little more with other bloggers who are likeminded and attend events to meet other bloggers.

10) Stop comparing myself to others
I think this is something everyone is a little guilty of, I always compare myself to others in my personal, university and blogging life and I'm constantly wondering why others are doing better than me. However, this year i'm going to try and be me and stop competing with other people.

11) Save some money
Whilst I'm still at uni this is going to be more of not spending rather than saving as I don't earn a lot to really save any money, but once I hopefully get a job and a full time wage I plan to set up a savings account I can't access to save for my own home.

12) Get involved more with the blogging twitter chats
I say this all the time and then end up missing them or just forgetting, but I really want to participate more as I see this as a great way to meet other bloggers.

13) Try to get more organised
Whilst I do think of myself somewhat organised I want to try and plan my days in the new year so I can't makeup sure I do everything I need and want to do for the day.

14) Keep up with scheduling blog posts every other day
Since September i've managed to keep up with this and I want carry it into the new year, whilst I do know I have exams in January I want to try and schedule a lot before they come so I don't lose the routine. 

15) Increase my blog following
Whilst I do focus on numbers a little, it isn't massively important to me as I don't see myself ever having it as a career and its just about my what I enjoy. However, I would love to be able improve my following on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin', I also have a little giveaway planned when I reach 1000 on bloglovin'.

16) To just have fun
I have had some really fun times in 2015 after a pretty crap 2013/2014 and I just want those to continue, especially with family, friends and my boyfriend.

What are your goals for 2016?



  1. Improving my blog photography is on the cards too, I hope you do well in your exams and get the grades you want. Happy New Year!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  2. Getting good grades in my exams is something I want to do in 2016. Happy new year. xx

    Kate// katerosexo1.blogspot.com

  3. Some really great goals to aim for - I hope you achieve great grades for your degree, plus the makeup course sounds like so much fun!

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk

  4. I can relate to all of these. Great goals xx


  5. Great goals, I need to get involved in Twitter chats to, they sound great!
    Demi xxx