Part of my 2016 goals was to get more organised with my blog and i've finally found the perfect planner to do that with. I had spotted this planner on countless other blogger's blogs and instagrams and had been wondering where it was from and I finally discovered it was from Stephanie at I was actually treated to this by my boyfriend but the £15.99 + P&P price tag is great for everything you get.


With my exams over for this term at uni, I finally have some time to get back to blogging and i've had a serious photo taking session, so please expect some new posts over the next few week. Whilst I did put myself on a spending ban in January, it didn't go the best and I ended up purchasing some new products and rediscovered some old favourites this month. 


So after abandoning my blog for the past week to focus on exams and uni work, I'm finally free form education (for a week anyway) and can get back to my regular blogging schedule. January has been pretty stressful for me with an assignment and two exams in my final year at university, I haven't had the time to focus on my blog as much as I like. I now have a whole free week before my semester 2 units start and the assignment and exams begin all over again. I'm off home for the weekend to relax and for my boyfriend's 21st birthday and to get some blogging done finally.


Is anyone else swayed into buying makeup due to the adorable packaging?! I certainly am and this palette is just that! I'm a real sucker for eyeshadow palettes as I find that they are such good value for money and you always get an incredible selection of colours. If you like me this January and on a healthy eating kick than what better to have chocolate the healthy way - in the form of makeup!


After declaring January as a spending ban, one little trip to TK Maxx ended in disaster - okay I'm a shopaholic and need help! I had only popped in there to look at the gym clothes and got drawn to the makeup collection. When it comes to TK Maxx and the makeup I always find it hit and miss, sometime there is nothing of interest in there or something I would actually buy but everyone has had there hands in it. So when I spotted these two Olivia Palermo X Ciaté lipsticks and they were untouched I just had to have them.


When it comes to nail varnish my collection is pretty excessive (too much my mum keeps telling me)! So I've decided to start dedicating some blog posts to my collection and the colours of the rainbow, todays colour is pink - this is where my true Barbie side comes out! 


When it comes to budget beauty I'm all over it because who doesn't love a bargain. When I saw Temporary Secretary's blog post about possible one of the best budget beauty finds ever, I just had to have it! After hinting to my mum she pulled it out the bad and this bad boy was under the christmas tree for me!


This month is such a stressful and tiring one for me, I have a uni assignment and two exams at the end of the month. I've also started my new healthy eating and exercise regime (post here) so I can't even destress with my pal pizza hut. I'm going to try and not abandon my blog but I'm slightly scared revision may get the better of me towards this month. Today's post is about one my new obsessions in my makeup routine - cream eyeshadows. Over the past couple of months these have come a staple in my beauty routine and have amassed quite a collection.


So this post isn't something i'd normally do but to try and motivate myself to actually commit I wanted to write it all down and what better way than my blog. I know its January and I'm probably doing the same thing as half of population but this year I'm going to overhaul my unhealthy lifestyle and get that bikini bod.


So now its January cue all the healthy eating and gym statues - admittedly that will be me as well. However, todays detox is all about my skin and keeping it clear after all the fatty and stodgy Christmas foods. I'm normally pretty good at looking after my skin all year round but this month i'll be taking extra care with these products.


Recently, i've become a little obsessed with KIKO makeup, especially since a store has opened up in Birmingham where I shop a lot. I blogged a few months ago about my first KIKO haul (link) and some amazing bits from there Rebel Romantic collection. So when I was in London just before Christmas I was ecstatic to see that some of the products from the collection were in the sale. 


When it comes to Christmas presents, if people ask me I normally ask for vouchers or money so I can head out and hit the sales or buy something i've been after for a while and its a little too expensive to be off one person. This year I got quite a few Debenhams vouchers (I think everyone has realised how much I love makeup), and I had originally planned to buy the UD Naked Smoky palette to add to my other collection of Naked palettes but couldn't resist the Gwen Stefani palette instead especially as it's limited edition.

16 GOALS FOR 2016

Happy New Years Day everybody! I hope you all have a great NYE! When it comes to making new years resolutions I usually make little ones and then forget about them a week after or fail miserably. However, this year i've decided to set myself some goals for 2016 and then hopefully at the end of next year I can look back to see how well I achieved these.