So its the end of the year and that means a round up of all of my favourite beauty products from 2016. This one is all about the makeup products I have been loving, they haven't necessarily been released this year but are ones I have discovered and continued to love. Although there have definitely been a lot of new releases this year I have fallen for and so many others that have caught my eye but still on my to buy list.


So here it is! One of those posts people love to hate! I personally love reading what other people got for Christmas, one because I'm nosey but also it shows how appreciative people are of the gifts they have received. This year, and every other year, I am incredible lucky and get spoiled by my parents and boyfriend. A few other bits I got also didn't fit into the post but I am still very much grateful and love them.


So the big day is almost here and whilst I know most of us will have finished our Christmas shopping, there will definitely be a few out there who have not. This may also be due to the fact that a lot of people wont have gotten paid until today or late this week. Today I have picked out some great last minute gifts that can be easily picked up from any high street or retail park and all at affordable prices.


Here is another addition to my 'If I could only own 5...' and todays is all about mascara. This one was probably one of the easier ones to choose from as I do really struggle to find a mascara that does everything for me and I could probably just own one of these and be happy. For me lashes are an important part of my makeup and if I had to keep my makeup simple brows and lashes would be my go to. I have quite fair lashes so a deep intense black is a must for me and I want something that will give them length but leave them looking full as well.


Until recently I had only tried brushes from Zoeva but their eyeshadow palettes had really caught my eye. The German cosmetics brand was created by Zoe Boikou who was struggling to find high performing products without the price tag, there is now a huge range of brushes, eyeshadow, lip products and face products. I would definitely recommend the brushes as they are such great quality and so affordable!


So I've compiled another gift guide for you all but this time it includes no beauty whatsoever. I'm a massive beauty lover but I know not everyone is obsessed with it as I am and also it can be nice to open something on Christmas day that wont just get thrown in our massive collection of products. This is a collection or adorable gifts I think any girl would love and I have also unintentionally had a bit of a gold theme going on with some of them.


On a work day I like to keep my makeup simple and quick, mainly for the fact that I can't get up early enough to be able to do anything elaborate. This post is going to be how I would do my makeup in 10 quick and easy steps with some of my favourite 10 products. I find that these 10 products help create a naturally everyday makeup that will also stay in place all day.


Today's post is another gift guide and I have dedicated this one to one of my favourite shops during the festive season... Lush!! I think everyone gets obsessed with Lush around Christmas for the new releases and the return of the best shower gel ever - Snow Fairy! This is definitely a gift guide/wishlist as I sure would love to see a lot of these products under the christmas tree this year.


Black Friday was a few weeks ago now and finally all the stuff I ordered has finally arrived (a Colourpop order actually arrived the day I wrote this but I will do a whole post on its own for that). I went a little crazy this Black Friday and thankfully my pay day fell on the Thursday before. Luckily I managed to order most of my christmas presents at the same time as well as quite a few little orders for myself, all online as well so I didn't have the hassle of braving the shops either. Here are most of the beauty products I picked up.


Today's post is all about these two NARS cult foundations and a comparison between the two. These two are so popular in the beauty world and I don't think i've ever met anyone who has disliked these foundations or has something bad to say about them. There is the Sheer Glow and All Day Luminous Weightless, and I'm going to talk you through the formula, finish and shade selection of them both.


So here is my third christmas gift guide and one for those who are trying to watch the pennies. If you're like me you will be now well into last months pay and this months wont be coming until right before christmas and you still have a number of christmas presents to get.  All of these picks are under £15 and can easily be picked up from the high street or ordered online in the UK.


So the cold weather is here and its playing havoc with my skin. The cold just seems to dry everything out for me and not just my skin, my hair and nails also become dry and brittle. To help keep my skin hydrated and the dry patches at bay I have picked out these products as some of my favourites. My skin tends to be be dry and dehydrated in certain areas, but other such as my nose can become greasy and the pores can become clogged, so I like products that aren't too heavy but will still leave my skin fresh and moisturised.


When it comes to eyeshadow I love shimmer and wear it a lot but you really can't go wrong with a matte eye look, especially for day time. I decided to do a post on the matte eyeshadow palettes I own, and i've realised I actually don't own that many. These are the three palettes I have in my collection that are entirely matte, but i'll definitely be adding more to my collection in the future.


Since it is the Christmas season and acceptable to go all out with your makeup and lashes, I thought it was fitting to mention one of my new favourite websites - falseeyelashes.co.uk! They are a website dedicated to false eyelashes with every brand you could want or need and over 1000 different styles available. I was lucky enough to be send a few pairs to try from them and I then ordered some more in their Black Friday sale.


We are not well and truly into december and the christmas season and this is the month of lots of christmas events so of course the perfect lip shade is needed. For me the christmas season is a mix of berries, red, nudes and metallics and I believe this selection covers all of those bases.


Happy Blogmas day 10! Oh wow it is definitely a lot of work blogging everyday and a full time job and a boyfriend but so far I'm coping!! Today's post is all about beauty stocking fillers that are bound to put a smile on the recipients face. Every year I have a stocking from my parents and the actual stocking itself has been mine since I was born and even has my name on. Received a stocking as a girl means to be getting all those little beauty items that you would probably never buy yourself or need and forget to buy.


In the past 6 weeks I have had my graduation, birthday and quite a few shopping trips so there have been a lot of new makeup additions to my collection, so here they are all in one post. This time of year is always crazy with lots of brands releasing their christmas collections and I can't help but get sucked into the new, pretty products. There are also some cult products I picked up or had as a gift that will be featured in this post.


I feel like this post has been a long time coming but I have finally managed to comprise most of my highlighters into one post and just to let you know this will be a length one. However, there are actually some I either didn't include or completely forgot about in my collection and they would have deserved a mention in this post. I am pretty much a self confessed highlighter addict, if it shimmers and will accentuate my cheek bones I need it! They are just all so pretty and do wonders for you skin that I can't help but buy them! Anyway lets get to good stuff.


So this is the next one in my serious of 'I could only own 5 of...' and today is all about eyeshadow palettes. Although effectively in this selection you have 5 palettes but all are packed full of shadows I still found it so hard and there are a lot of other ones I wish I could have included. I decided to go for 5 palettes that were relatively different to suit all the needs I would have if in reality I could only have these 5.


Happy Blogmas Day 6! Today's post is the first in my gift guide series for all of those that still haven't done their christmas shopping. This first one is all about luxury beauty items I'm sure any beauty lover would love to see wrapped up under the tree this year and if I didn't already have these items they would definitely be on my wishlist. This post is a mix of mid to high end range of products that shouldn't break the bank but something extra for that special person


So i've made it today 5 Blogmas and I have to say it is a lot work, writing a post for everyday around a full time job is a lot but I am loving it. I haven't kept my posts strictly festive as I think I and you would get bored. Today's post is a battle between two of my favourites eyeshadow palettes and both are from the queen of makeup ABH. I feel like this year ABH has become the most incredible brand there have been so many new launches, and both of these are some of them.


Now December is here it means the christmas party season is upon us. I don't actually have an official christmas party as we have a big conference in January but we are having a team meal next week so I shall be taking aspects of this look for that meal. Christmas parties for me is all about shimmery eyes and berry toned lips. I know sometimes it needs to be something that can be worn throughout the day and they topped in for the evening after work.


Every now and then I like to use a really intensive treatment and this is where AHA's come in. This stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acid and they generally come from milk and sugar, on the ingredients this will usually be listed as Glycolic Acid or Lactic Acid. AHAs are generally exfoliants so they will break down dead skin cells allowing for the renewal of new ones. For a more intensive treatment you can use BHAs, which stands for Beta Hydroxy Acid, and the ingredients on the products are normally Salicylic acid. These are much more intensive than  AHAs and get deeper into your pores. My skin can sometimes be sensitive so I have to be careful when I use these but these are some that I have found work.


Recently I have expanded my foundation collection quite a bit and even needed new storage. So today I thought I would bring to you a review of the new ones I have tried out and what have been my favourites. For me foundation needs to be a medium coverage that evens out my skin tone with a satin finish (I don't mind matte as long as it isn't too drying). This is a mix between drugstore and high end and whilst in my opinion high end will always win with foundation drugstore is catching up and there are some nice ones out there lately.


December is finally here and it is acceptable to talk about Christmas all the time. This year I have decided to give Blogmas a go and will be blogging everyday up until Christmas day. I thought it would only be fitting to kick it off with a wishlist post. This one is dedicated to all things beauty related because I am obviously a beauty blogger, however, my main present I have asked for from my parents is a hollywood style mirror from Illuminated Mirrors and i'm so excited to get it and do my makeup with the amazing lighting!


So another month is over and the final month of the year starts tomorrow, but that means the most exciting month of the year is here - CHRISTMAS! This year i've decided to take part in Blogmas and blog every day until Christmas day, wish me luck as I think I have a busy month ahead. Anyway, todays post is the products I have been loving this month, I got quite a lot of makeup for my birthday a few weeks ago but that will be featured in posts in the next few weeks.


So here is the fourth instalment in my mini series of the top 5 of each beauty product. Today's turn is for my absolute favourite product that I own way too many of and keep adding to my collection - highlighters! I don't know what it is about them but I just love the glow that they add to you face and it's probably one of the main products I wont leave the house without wearing. It was a tough decision on what ones to include in this post but these are the ones I reach for the most, i'll be doing a full post of all my highlighters as part of my blogmas so keep an eye out for that to see the rest of my collection.


Oh how I wished I lived in the US just for the makeup. What annoys me the most thought is that some of the brands we can get in the UK but they bring out different versions and they never seem to be as good. A few months ago I saw Kasie from Kasie Beauty order some makeup from Target and I had never thought of looking on there before. Target do actually ship to the UK but the shipping was ridiculous and almost $70 for an order that was $50, so I decided to go through a mailing service.


Has everyone else noticed recently that there are just so many new eyeshadow palettes out and you need them all?! Thats what I feel like and even though I've picked up these four recently there are so many others on my list. I always prefer eyeshadow palettes compared to single shadows as they are just so much better value for money and the shade selection always complements each other.


Recently my collection of facial sprays has just grown, I think without even realising i've picked up lots of new ones. However, this time of year they are a savour. Obviously once my makeup has been applied I can't add a moisturiser, this is where a facial spray/mist comes in. It adds moisture to your skin but doesn't smudge or remove any makeup.


When Benefit relaunched their entire brown range earlier this year, the beauty world went mad about it and the whole collection is so dreamy. The whole collection was revamped with brand new luxurious chrome packaging all with an archery theme. The new range included revamped originals and a few new products and I want to try it all! This autumn they launched they sets, which include 3 products and a brow tool. The sets are Bigger & Bolder, Soft & Natural and Refined and Defined. 


When ever the seasons change my skin tends to suffer and its especially bad now that its getting colder. This gives me a big excuse to pick up some new skincare and thats what I have been doing recently. This selection is a mix of products I have spotted out and about and thought they sounded good and others I have been lusting over and wanting to try for a while. 


So today is my 23rd birthday and I will have had a half a day at work and gone for afternoon tea with my mum - I am writing like this as this post will have been written in advance! I have to day this is probably the first year I haven't been very excited for my birthday, I guess this is what happens when you're older. My birthday also falls on a Wednesday this year (obviously!) and I just think that is an awful day to do anything! Today's post is going to be all about things I've learnt in my 23 years and the things I'm looking forward to at this age and things I'm not so much.


Today's post is the third edition in my 'if I could only own 5...', my previous posts are my top 5 nail polishes and top 5 lipsticks. I have to say these post have definitely proved to me how much makeup I have and just how much I love it all as narrowing it down to my five favourites has been tough. This one is my top five brushes and although it wasn't as difficult as picking lipsticks and nail polishes, there are still lots of other brushes not in the post I use a lot.


Beauty Bay is one of my favourite websites lately, they just have all these amazing brands that you can't seem to get anywhere else. A few weeks ago they offered some discounts if you spent over a certain amount, I took the plunge and went for the 30% off over £100 and picked up all the products i'd wanted for a while. From all my previous order i've been impressed with Beauty Bay and you always get free delivery and sometimes next day, this order was next day although it didn't arrive until Monday when I ordered on Thursday evening! However, I'm already loving the bits I picked up and here they are.


So I met the lovely people at 7th Heaven at the #BloggersFestival back in Septmeber and it really took me back to my childhood with these masks. I'm pretty sure most of you will have some point in your childhood got your mum to buy you one of these masks for a sleepover. However, now these are more for skincare than fun and these masks all have a purpose and help different skin types. In this post i'll give you a run through of the the masks and there is a small giveaway at the end after the guys at 7th Heaven kindly sent me some of their Multi-masking sets.


So tomorrow is the big day and I finally graduate from Uni. My graduation seems to be so much later than everyone else, which is kind of annoying I would have preferred it be in the summer! I'm still having a dress crisis and can't fully decide on what to wear but i've already planned what my makeup will be like for the day. Since i'll be travelling down in the morning for the ceremony in the afternoon and then out for dinner I want something that will last but nothing to over the top.


If there is one thing I have to do religiously every night is remove all makeup and give my skin a deep cleanse. Even if i've had a long day and I'm exhausted or one too many drinks makeup removal is a must as in reality its a two minute job and the repercussions of leaving my makeup on will last a lot longer. I actually remove the bulk of my makeup with a wipe, just because i find it a bit easier and I don't go through a million cotton pads, then i'll go in with a proper cleanser to remove any residual makeup and impurities/dirt from the day. 


So October was supposed to be a spending ban, however, this little beauty ended up with me breaking it. If you're in the UK you'll know the struggle of getting your hands on Tarte products, this is where QVC came to the rescue. I think it's quite recent that they have started stocking Tarte but it is great for me as i've been wanting to get my hands on some of there products for a while. This post also includes one of their eyeshadow palettes I picked earlier this year but I thought it would be good to combine it all into one post.


Paul Mitchell is a brand i'd briefly heard of before but never tried any of the products. Recently I was given the opportunity to try out some of their range and I couldn't be more excited. My biggest issue with my hair is it being dry and brittle from being coloured and heat being used on it a lot, so I'm always on the hunt for new products that will hopefully revive my hair. 


I say this every month but how quick is this year going! I'm not complaining now though as November is a good month for me, I have graduation then my birthday and then obviously you can start getting excited for Christmas. This month there has been a lot of new arrival to my beauty collection but some have stood out more than most.


So this is the second one in a new mini series on my blog - you can read my top 5 nail polishes here. Today's post is all about the 5 lipsticks I would own if I couldn't have any others. This was probably just as hard as picking the nail polishes as I own so many lipsticks and they all having something that makes me love them. In all honesty I mainly wear nudes and could do this as my top 5 nudes but I have thrown in some brighter shades for variation.


I've been thinking about doing a post like this on my blog for ages and have finally got round to it. I really do have a bit of a travel bug and I am always thinking about different places I need and want to go to around the world. I just think there is so much of the world out there I really need to get out and visit. I have been quite lucky that my parents took me to some pretty amazing places when I was younger. This post is going to give you the low down on the top 5 places I've visited so far and a bucket list of places I want to go to in the future.


So I haven't done a face of the day for a while so I thought i'd throw in an updates one with lots of products I'm loving currently. Being a makeup addict I try to rotate my makeup often and change up what I'm using, however, I do still have favourites that I'll use constantly. I've kept this FOTD quite simple and it's what i'd wear on a day to day basis for work or going on a day out.


I've decided to start a mini series on my blog where I narrow it down to my top 5 of a certain product. This time i've started with nail polishes as they are probably the one I own the most of - lets just say 150+. Picking just 5 was a pretty big task and probably took my like 20 minutes to decide, and even now there are so many others I wish I could have included. 


I've been blogging now for about 18 months and it definitely becomes a big part of your life. If I was truly honest it does sometimes take over and other things would be abandoned in favour of it, however, I probably wouldn't change it for the world. I love reading posts where bloggers talk about their experiences of being a blogger and so this was the reasoning behind todays post. It's all about the good and bad ways blogging can take over your life.


When the seasons change I like to mix up my skincare as my skin has different needs depending on the weather. Now that autumn is here my skin gets a little drier from the cold and I also get dry skin patches. Todays post is all about the skincare I'm reaching for at the moment to keep my skin looking flawless whatever the weather.


I don't tend to mine when autumn arrives as it means my birthday and christmas are nearing, although the col weather is not my favourite. Autumn makeup for me is all about smokey eyes, dark lips and lots of gold shimmery highlight. This post is all about those lip shades i'll be reaching for this season to replace those summery pinks and corals.


Recently i've picked up quite a few bits whilst out on the high street, from Boots, Superdrug and TK Maxx. So today I thought i'd bring it all to you in one post. I have found recently that the drug store is bringing out lots of new released and some can even rival the more high end products that are out. 


I was introduced to this brand last year at the #BloggersFestival and they were there again this year. Last year I tried 3 of their oils and really liked what they did to my hair. This year they kindly sent me their entire Chia Seed* range to trial out - the newest range I believe. Natural World hair has ranges of natural and organic haircare to tackle any hair type or issue. the ingredients from around the world created a luxury but affordable haircare range.