Hi Girls, how is everyone doing? So tomorrow is my last day of this term at uni and on Saturday i'll be heading home for Christmas. These past three months have gone so quick and its quite a scary thought that my exams are only just a month away. Todays post is all about my new favourite thing to apply my makeup with. When it comes to my foundation I like to get a flawless finish and I find that the best way to do that is with a beauty sponge. Here is yet another amazing product i've received from Born Pretty Store*.

I have found that the beauty sponge is either loved or hated in the blogging world and I have to admit when I first got one I just didn't seem to get on with it. However, now I couldn't apply my makeup without one. I had originally been using a Beauty Blender after receiving one as a gift but mine was unfortunately reaching the end of its life. Luckily I spotted this one on Born Pretty Store (link here) for just $1.69 so a real bargain compared to the Beauty Blender. I actually order some beauty sponges off Amazon but when they arrived then were hard and difficult to apply my makeup with, so I was a little sceptical to how this one would work. However, this one is the best dupe for the the real Beauty Blender i've ever tried, it's soft and spongey and blends my makeup beautifully. I opted for this hourglass shape rather than the usual egg shade to see how it worked differently.

When it comes to applying my makeup with the sponge, i'll apply my primer/BB cream then foundation with a brush. Then i'll apply my foundation and blend it with a sponge, I have found this is the best way to blend it into my face and not miss any spots. I also love to use the beauty sponge when contouring with my Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit to ensure its all blended perfectly.

One of my main priorities with a beauty sponge is to also keep it clean so dirt and bacteria doesn't sit in the sponge. I clean my sponge probably once or twice a week with shampoo and leave to dry. Also, don't forget that you can get 10% off Born Pretty Store with the code SADH10.

What are you thoughts on this beauty blender?



  1. I recently just did a few reviews for BPS as well but I haven't tried out this beauty sponge, but you are definitely tempting me!!

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

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