A couple of weeks ago I blogged about some products I received from the lovely people at Born Pretty Store. Now I have luckily been asked to review some more products for you. When I got asked to review some more products one of the first I picked out was a brush cleaner. One of the most annoying jobs I find is cleaning my brushes and its seems to be an never ending task. Having well over 30 brushes means that it can take over an hour - time I could be spending on other things.

With brush cleaning taking so long i'm always on the look out the try and find a product to speed up the process and clean my brushes more thoroughly. The Brush Egg from Born Pretty is priced at $2.59 (just under £2) and comes in three different colours; mint green, coral and hot pink. It has ridges to scrub your brush against to help remove any product from your brushes deep down. It has a gap at the end to put you fingers into to clean it secure when cleaning brushes and is silicone so all product will wash off.

The product I use to keep my brushes clean is shampoo, I was actually given this tip whilst shopping one day from a makeup artist as its the most gentle and nourishing product to use on brushes. If it's good enough for my hair, it's good enough for my brushes! I find that shampoo is also the best as removing all dirt and leaving my brushes smelling lovely. I have tried out the MAC brush cleanser before but found that it didn't clean them that well and left them feeling slightly greasy.

I just want too thank the lovely people at Born Pretty for sending me some more products and to all my lovely readers you can now get 10% off your order with the code SADH10!


  1. wow I would absolutely love to try the brush egg it sounds great!

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  2. Cleaning your brushes is such a chore isn't it I put it off way more than I should but when I do that I break out so much. Always looking for something to make the process so much quicker in hope it will make me want to do it even though it won't I just like to sleep to be honest!

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