So the Christmas party season is upon us and that means glitter - lots and lots of glitter! With sequin dresses, sparkly shoes and bejewelled handbags in every corner of the shops lately, today I wanted to bring to you another accessory to brighten up your outfit - glitter nails!

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know I'm a nail polish obsessive and have amassed a pretty huge collection including quite a few glitter polishes. If I have a plain nail and looking to jazz it up a bit i'll add a slick coat of glitter and be ready to go! My only pet peeve with glitter is the hassle of removing it (the best way i've found is the tin foil trick)! Here my favourite glitter polishes...

This is a new glitter I got in a recent Nailbox and its probably the perfect polish for the Christmas season. It's a clear polish with chunky pieces of coppery gold glitter in, its perfect for layering on top of a colour or on its own. My only gripe with this one is that I put it on without a top coat recently and it seemed to chip and break my nails easily - so a thick top coat is needed.

Ciate Celestial | £9.00

I got this one last year in the Ciate Mini Manor and it was door 24 and the only full size polish. Celestial is a chunky iridescent glitter in a clear polish.  Unfortunately I couldn't find it anywhere online but there is a similar version on the Ciate website.

What a fitting name for the winter season! I've been obsessed with this polish ever since I picked it up last year on offer, it's another clear polish with very pale silver glitter and an iridescent shine to it. I love layering this one over a while polish for snowy looking nails.

Nicole by OPI Dazzling With Talent (similar here) | £7.99

If your looking to add one flitter to your collection then this is the one you need. Its a fine sliver glitter which has a clear polish so can be layered over colour to add a little sparkle. Again, unfortunately I can't find this online anywhere but there is a pink version.

Barry M Starlet | £3.99

I've been wearing his polish recently layered over a fuchsia pink polish. This glitter is a mix between chunky and fine glitter with a pink base.

What are your glitter nail polish picks?


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