Evening girls, how has everyone been? Todays post is the final product I received from my Born Pretty Store haul. I've been loving all the products I received from Born Pretty Store and this one is no different. For the final product I picked out I decided to try out one the makeup products as I hadn't tried any before. I'm always sceptical in using makeup from brands I've never heard of before, but wanted to give this one a chance.

I decided to opt for a Cream Concealer Potas its a product I don't currently own. I have a lot of concealers in tubes with wands or brushes but haven't had a cream pot since I ran out of my Benfit Boing a couple of months ago. I used to be a big fan of pot of concealers until I found how easily you could apply it when it came with a wand. One of the main reasons I decided to get a cream pot was so I could use it to define my brows better.

The Born Pretty Store one sells at $5.46 (a litter over £3.50) so yet another affordable product from them. It comes in three shades, simply 1, 2 & 3, I opted for shade one as I wanted something light to define and highlight the edges of my brows. I would say its probably a little lighter than my skin tone. I have found the product to be creamy and easy to blend along my brow edge. I haven't used it under my eyes yet as I find a creamy consistency blends better and fills all the gaps.

My only issue with this product it that it does smell rather plasticy, although, I did expect this with a product from China. The product still works fine and I haven't found any issues with my skin after using it, however, I can't find any ingredients online or on the pot so if you suffer with your skin then i'd probably advise testing it first.

You can still get 10% off your order at Born Pretty Store with the code SADH10, perfect for any Christmas presents your after!


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  1. Great review! I really like creamy concealers.

    xo, Liz