I'm a lipstick addict along with probably 50% of the female population and for me you can't go wrong with a MAC lipstick! I'm probably well on my way to owning nearly 100 lipsticks - probably a tad excessive and expensive on my bank account but I just can't resist all the pretty shades. MAC is my biggest collection of lipstick but have you seen how many pretty shades there are?! MAC is a favourite of mine purely for their amazing selection of colour and finishes. One of my favourite finishes would have to Matte as I love the way they provide you with opaque colour and last the longest, the only pet peeve I have with a matte finish is that it dries my lips out but I always apply a balm underneath to keep my lip hydrated. Satin is my second favourite as they have a formula similar to matte but with a sheen finish. Another two favourite finishes of mine are Amplified, it leaves you with that opaque finish but less drying than the matte finish, and Creamsheen, it is a creamy formula with a glossy shine but slightly less opaque than the others. 

The Nudes | For me you can't go wrong with a nude lip and MAC have it nailed with their selection. I own three MAC nude lipstick and they are all my go to colours. Twig (satin) is a soft muted brownish pink, Brave (satin) is pink-beige with a pearl sheen and Velvet Teddy (matte) is a deep toned beige.

The Pinks | This is probably my biggest collection of colours as there is such a wide selection of finishes and shades. Girl About Town (amplified) is a bright fuchsia shade with blue undertones, Lustering (lustre) is an outspoken pink shade, Fusion Pink (amplified) is a creamy bright pink, Speed Dial (creamsheen) is a pale pink with blue undertones, Pink Plaid (matte) is a dirty blue-pink and Flamingo (lustre) pale milky coral shade. 

The Reds/Purples | I really do love some of the outspoken red and purple shades that MAC have and there are so many I need to add to my collection. Rebel (satin) is a midtown creamy purple, Men Love Mystery (matte) is a lavender violet shade, Lady Danger (matter) is a vivid bright coral-red. 

MAC lipsticks will always be a favourite of mine and there is plenty more I need to add to my collection!



  1. Such a lovely collection - I really want to try Brave!

    Lucy |

  2. Gorgeous collection! I love the swatches of Brave and Velvet Teddy, I want them for myself!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  3. beyond jealous of this collection of lipstick!!

  4. Love your collection! My collection misses a variety of nudy pinks. I personally love the satin finish to most because it give a bit of both worlds. Which colour would you like to add to your collection?
    I would also really like to see lipswatches> on my whislist are lustering and twig.