I picked up this little beauty along with the Revlon nail polishes in my previous post (here), when I was supposed to not be shopping! My housemate already has this lipstick and the colour looks really gorgeous and is so wearable, so it was a must buy.

If you've read my blog before you'll know i'm a big fan of Soap & Glory products, and have quite a collection of both their makeup, skincare and bath products. I love Soap & Glory as the products have such cute packing and they aren't extortion prices. If you're looking for plumped up lips then the Sexy Mother Pucker range is for you, I have a few shades of the glosses and have blogged previously about their gloss sticks (post available here). 

I've not actually used any of the Soap & Glory lipsticks before, shockingly as i'm a lipstick hoarder. Their lipsticks contains a 3D plump peptide complex which stimulates collagen production and builds up a 3D network to firm, tone and plump the lips. 

The shade I have is Blush Pink is a rose pink shade with blue undertones to help your teeth look extra white. I have found it can look like a pinky nude on me in some lights and how tanned my skin is. In my opinion this is a great dupe for MAC's Brave lipstick, just a little more pink but its matches perfectly with my Soar lipliner. 

What I love about this lipstick is that although it is a matte effect it isn't at all drying. With a lot of my other matte lipsticks, like MAC, I find them quite drying and my my lips can look flakey. With this one it contains Orchid extract which helps soften and moisturise your lips so they don't end up dry and patchy. 

Have any of you got the Soap & Glory lipsticks? 



  1. This looks like such a perfect nude colour. Your post made me want to go out and buy it!

    1. It really is a lovely nude with hints of mauve xo

  2. That looks so pretty!

  3. such a lovely autumn shade! xo