With winter well and truly arrived and the darker nights beginning to set in i'm taking care of my skin a lot more to help keep it hydrated and fresh. When I attended the Southampton student lock in a couple of weeks ago The Body Shop had 30% off everything, so couldn't resist picking up some bits i'd been lusting over. There was so many products there I could have bought but I tried to be good and just picked up two products. With the clocks going back this weekend i'll also be needed that little extra boost for my tired skin when attending 9am lectures.

A product that has been on my wish list for sometime is the GinZing moisturiser from Origins, I've heard that the Origins product promises to instantly hydrate and rev up the radiance of your skin - perfect for the winter months. Having heard the Vitamin C Moisturiser from The Body Shop was a great dupe I wanted to give it a try. Priced at £16 for the 50ml pot its £8 cheaper than the Origins 50ml version, also with the 30% off from the student lock in. The lightweight, water based formula is a mix between a gel and a cream, its also orange in colour with a zesty citrus scent. The gel cream helps energise, hydrate and boost the glow of tired looking skin. I would say this is suited to all skin types, I have combination skin which can sometimes look tired and dull and this helps add that little extra glow. I apply mine mornings before my makeup and it absorbs quickly and doesn't feel at all heavy on my skin, i've heard that the Origins GinZing moisturiser is much thicker and takes a longer time to absorb so more suited to night time wear. Overall, I'm please with this product and will be using it for a long time to come!

The Warming Mineral Mask was the second product I picked out after umming and ahhing over about 3 different masks. Lately my skin has been playing up and i've been getting a few spots on my t-zone so wanted to find a cleansing mask to clear up my skin. The mask is oil-absorbing so perfect for clearing up my oily t-zone and reducing the shine I sometimes get after applying my makeup. The mask warms up on contact with skin, so I apply to damp skin and leave for about 5 minutes, I then either remove or reapply some water to restart the warming of the mask for a little extra treatment. The mask is clay-like in texture and very messy, so I would advise applying before you shower as isn't the easiest to remove. The intensity of the mask is quite strong so its only advised to be used weekly as a deep treatment. You only need a small amount to cover your face depending on how thick you want it to be applied.

What do you think of these products?



  1. Some really nice reviews! I'm tempted to try these myself now :) you have such a cute blog!!

  2. What great purchases! I have heard so much about the Vitamin C Moisturiser and I feel like my skin really needs this product to bring some much needed radiance back! I've not seen the mask before but it sounds really great x

    Aliya x | |

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  4. The Warming Mineral mask looks fab, need to give that a go!

    Lauren x |