Hello Everyone! How has everyone been? I am now officially a student again and all moved in to my new flat - my weekend was spent in Ikea and putting together furniture (my boyfriend loved me)! My course doesn't start until next week so I have a little bit of time to enjoy myself before all the hard work of final year starts. Today I want to bring to you an amazing brand I discovered a few weeks ago, it's now a staple in my skincare routine.

Exuviance is a brand I discovered at the #BloggersFestival, hosted by Scarlett from Scarlett London a couple of weeks ago. At the event they spoke to each attendee about their skin type and needs and then gave everyone a full size product to try. Exuviance is an American brand that is a range of dermatologist developed skincare products, they have all the benefits of a dermatological products but without the medical smell you can sometimes get.

When speaking to lady at the event I spoke about what skin type I was, I am quite lucky with my skin and don't tend to suffer much with it. I would say I have a combination skin type, I find my t-zone is quite oily and then I get dry, flakey skin around the edge of my nose and eyes. I also find my skin can change according to the weather, in the summer if I get sweaty I find I can get breakouts more frequently and in winter I suffer with dry skin.

After explaining to the woman all of this we decided on a product to help keep my face refreshed and promote cell renewal in my skin. Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish is a breakthrough triple action approach in a single yet powerful treatment. It has a unique blend of physical, chemical and enzyme rejuvenators which help skin cells renew for a fresh faced look. It contains pure professional grade crystals to smooth skin and Papaya Enzyme and Glycolic Acid to help dissolve impurities which can clog pores. Its advised to use this product 2-3 times a week so its not something to use day and night 24/7.

I've been using this products now for just over 2 weeks and have found that my skin is already feeling refreshed and plump. The Papaya enzyme is a great bonus as they products smells incredible - imagine the smell you always get on holiday! I use this around twice a week and will apply to a damp, clean face and massage in and leave for 2 minutes, I then remove with a cleansing sponge and warm water. I alternative this with a cream cleanser so i'm not hard on my skin, as I find this face polish is a mix between a cream cleanser and scrub.

So far I'm loving this product and can't wait to try out some other products from their collection. I'm currently eyeing up the Rejuvenating Treatment Masque as i'm starting to get more into using skincare masks and feel that it would go perfectly with the face polish. The Glycolic Expert Moisturiser is also on my wish list to try out!

The products are available in the UK here.