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Has everyone noticed how cold its gotten recently? I guess Autumn is here now  and in go the shorts and sunglasses and out come the coats and wooly hats. I'm one of those people that dread winter arriving but once its here I relish in picking out my new winter coat and the different way you can experiment with layers. I also love thinking of all the winter makeup trends especially glitter around christmas. Now that i'm putting all my vibrant lip shades to the back of my makeup collection I'm making way for dusky reds and purple, so here are some of my makeup picks for A/W.

Dark Lips - this is trend that continues to reappear every winter but it is a trend that looks so much better in the colder season. I love this trend as its so versatile, you can do it with vibrant berry and purple shades or go a little deeper with black or blue shades. Personally i'll be sticking to dark plum and purple shades as I really don't have the balls to wear a black/blue lipstick - also being a blonde I don't like to go too dark so I don't get washed out. I recently picked up MAC Rebel which is a vibrant plum shades, but i'll also be using my SEVENTEEN Stay Pout in Rule Breaker (review here), which is a dark red wine shade.

Smoky Eyes - This is trend I try to carry all throughout the year but in Autumn I picked shades that are a little darker and its a perfect look for christmas parties and NYE. When doing a smokey eye I tend to opt for bronze and brown shades so the look isn't too harsh, but this year I'm also going to be experimenting with purple and grey shades. I've also got the new Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette at the top of my christmas list to help create the look. When going for a smokey eye I always pair it with a neutral lip colour so I don't look to over done - you can read my top 3 nude lipsticks here!

Red Lips & Winged Eyeliner - In tribute to Kendall this is trend is one i'll be wearing a lot through the winter months, and although its not a look that can only be worn in winter I find that it can make a simple black winter outfit pop. With Kendall bringing out her own matte red with Estée Lauder (I recently got this and I'm excited to wear it throughout winter) you can achieve the perfect Kendall red lip yourself. I love pairing a red lip with a simple slick of eyeliner, although I am still trying to master getting both eyes to match perfectly.

Flushed Cheeks - This is trend I saw make a lot of appearances at the A/W fashion weeks and its a look you can probably achieve without makeup if you spend enough time in the cold. For me summer is all about achieving that bronzed golden look, whereas in winter pale skin returns and a simple flush of colour on your cheeks. This winter i'll be applying subtle pink and orange shades to the apples of my cheeks and keeping the rest of my makeup look simple to ensure the look stands out.

What are your looks for A/W?



  1. Fab post hun, I’m really loving dark lips at the moment and I agree it always looks so much better in colder seasons. I don’t think I could wear black or blue either haha, the darkest I go is like Rebel. I love rosy flushed cheeks for the winter :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    1. I'm scared to try out black or blue but I really want to haha! Thanks for your comment xo

  2. I love this post idea!! I wear winged eyeliner all year round because I always feel like I just don't even have any eye definition whatsoever without it, but I just bought Kendall's red too and it's lush isn't it?! I want to try the flushed cheeks thing but not sure I could carry it off as well as the model hahaha.

    Charlie CP xx

    1. I'm just not skilled at it enough to wear winged eyeliner all the time haha! I absolutely love kendall's red and I'm excited to try out the flushed cheeks look, although I will look nothing like the model! Thanks for your comment xo