On a recent trip to Boots i'd promised myself I wouldn't be buying any beauty products as there was nothing I really needed or wanted from there. I actually made it round almost all of the shop before stumbling on the Revlon nail stand near the till. I have a couple of Revlon Nail polishes already and the quality and wear of them is great and long-lasting. 


In my beauty stash you'll find a mixture between high end and drug store. Personally I think you can't really go wrong with drugstore makeup and there is some great high end dupes out there - also now I'm a student again I don't think i'll be spending £30+ on a foundation any time soon! I can spend hours trawling through Boots and Superdrug looking at all the products and you can always get amazing deals like 3 for 2 or free gifts with a purchase. So today I want to bring to you a complete face of the day using only drugstore products.


Hello Everyone! How has everyone been? I am now officially a student again and all moved in to my new flat - my weekend was spent in Ikea and putting together furniture (my boyfriend loved me)! My course doesn't start until next week so I have a little bit of time to enjoy myself before all the hard work of final year starts. Today I want to bring to you an amazing brand I discovered a few weeks ago, it's now a staple in my skincare routine.


For me, mascara is what brings my whole makeup of the day together. During the week on my eyes I only wear mascara so its important to me to have an amazing mascara. My collection of mascara is probably the biggest out of every other product and i'm alway adding others. Between drugstore and high end their seems to be so many to try, each promising to either lengthen, volumise and transform your lashes. Here is a quick overview of the 5 I am always reaching for...


Being a self confessed beauty addict and hoarder I find myself getting attached to certain brands and buying everything from their collection. In my beauty collection you'll find a mixture of high end and drug store. Since I discovered my love for makeup, my taste and what I look for in a product has evolved and with that the brands I choose to buy products from. Here are some of the current brands I'm loving.


(photo sources - one, two, three, four)

Has everyone noticed how cold its gotten recently? I guess Autumn is here now  and in go the shorts and sunglasses and out come the coats and wooly hats. I'm one of those people that dread winter arriving but once its here I relish in picking out my new winter coat and the different way you can experiment with layers. I also love thinking of all the winter makeup trends especially glitter around christmas. Now that i'm putting all my vibrant lip shades to the back of my makeup collection I'm making way for dusky reds and purple, so here are some of my makeup picks for A/W.


Picking my lipstick out for the day is a tough decision (especially for a lipstick hoarder like me!), but when I'm feeling a subtle makeup look or what to play it safe i'll always opt for a nude shade. Nude lips are so versatile, whether it be searing sunshine or bitterly cold they are perfect for both occasions. Today, I've picked out three of my current favourites that i've been reaching for.


If you've been reading my blog recently then you'll know that i'm heading back to uni for my final year this week. With this happening i've become homeware obsessed, looking for cute bits & bobs to make my uni room homely - I know this may seem pointless since i'll only be there for 9 months (or so what my mum keeps telling me). However, I just can't resist all the cute accessories around lately and I will have my own house - eventually! Over the past week I trawled over every home decor website and compiled a serious list of pieces I need in my life!


So i've finally taken the plunge and placed my first order with KIKO Cosmetics. KIKO is a brand i've been aware of for a while but just never got round to placing an order or popping into one of the stores - now i've realised I was missing out big time. One of the main reasons I have finally lost my KIKO virginity is when Sarah Ashcroft from That Pommie Girl mentioned on her snapchat that KIKO is made in the same place as MAC and is of the same quality but a fraction of the price.


(photo featuring some stationary goodies I picked up at #BloggersFestival)

So in a weeks time i'll be heading back down to Bournemouth for my fourth and final year at university, it seems so strange that its been 3 years now since I was packing up to leave home for the first time. For the past year I've been on placement working full time, so it will be a bit of an adjustment going back to no alarm everyday at 7am and no bank account full of money I can spend. I am excited about becoming a student again and also going back to living with my friends but a little nervous about how much work I will have to do in my final year - no going out every night of the week like a fresher any more.


Now that Autumn seems to be making an appearance, i've started thinking more about the A/W beauty trends and my collection will soon transition from vibrant pinks and coral to sultry reds and purples. This purchase was another airport buy, this time from Bangkok, I had some Thai Baht left at the end of my holiday and since its a currency I don't think ill be using again for a while I wanted to use it up. MAC lipsticks over there worked out to be just under £13 so a little cheaper than the UK.


My August Nailbox landed on my doorstep whilst I was away so this is the first opportunity I've had to review it, although summer is coming to an end Nailbox have sent some lovely bright additions to my nail collection. This months box has 3 full size polishes and a nail tool.


Yesterday I was lucky enough to be able to attend the #BloggersFestival organised by Scarlett Dixon from Scarlett London. This was the first blogging event I've been able to attend since I started blogging and so I was a little apprehensive, luckily I spoke to a few girls on Twitter to meet before the event - so much easier walking in somewhere with someone else! As this was my first blogging event I wasn't really aware of what to expect or what it would be like. When I first arrived there were so many girls there and it was a little overwhelming but once I was in the room I felt much more at ease.


Now I'm back from Thailand I'm excited to get back to regular blogging and for my first beauty related post I want to bring you my summer shopping experience at Heathrow - you can read my Heathrow wish list post here. If you read the post you'll know that I was asked by Heathrow to review their summer shopping experience and try out one of their free beauty treatments, which was a nice little pamper treat before I went travelling. I also picked up a few bits from duty free, as I can't resist a few good deals on the products I've been lusting over.


If you've been reading my latest blog posts you'll know that i've spent the last couple of weeks travelling round Thailand with one of my best friends. This trip has been planned now since January and now I can't believe its actually over and back to normality. This post is just to bring you a little overview of my time and some of the pictures I took whilst there.