Hey everybody! Whilst your reading this post I will have just landed in Thailand ready for the trip of a lifetime, but I have written this before I head off! I'm going to schedule some posts to go up whilst I'm away as I won't really have any opportunity to write whilst I'm away and don't want to abandon my blog!

Today's post is less focused on beauty and more on the new love in my life! Since I started blogging I've been wanting/need a camera to take great photos - I've been using my iPhone 6 since I started and whilst it does take great photos I knew a camera would be 100 times better!

When deciding on what I wanted I thought the best place to get recommendation would be the blogging community itself as they are using cameras for exactly what I wanted it for. When reading reviews I found nothing but positive reviews for this this beauty and it's been hailed as the "Blogger Essential". The Olympus Pen EP-L7 has caused such a stir in the blogging community that I knew this had to be the camera for me! I was going to ask for this as a birthday present (my birthday isn't actually until November) but was talking to my parents the other day wishing I had a camera to take a Thailand with me! I was shocked when they offered to get me it early so I could take some amazing holiday photos - so off to John Lewis we went!

I've had the camera for a few days now and have been playing around and testing out all the settings, but here are some of the reason I love it...

The Design
Before you even turn the camera on the gorgeous design will draw your attention. It comes in three different colours (white, black and silver), I chose the white version as I wanted a great camera but also something stylish! It mixes together metal and plastic to reduce the weight and add some leather accents and grips. This camera is also great for me as I was looking for something that would take amazing images but also fits into my handbag to take out - it also perfectly fits into my bumbag for my Thailand trip!

The Flip Out Screen 
All hail the perfect selfie camera! The screen flips 90 degrees upwards and 180 degrees round to the bottom ensuring you get that perfect selfie, without any finger marks!

Built In Wi-Fi
This was one of the main reasons I was drawn to this camera rather than any other, for someone like me who loves a good Instagram post then it's perfect! The camera has built in wi-fi which you pair your phone with and you can instantly import all your photos to your phone.

What could be better than selecting a filter before you even take the photo! The camera has 14 art filters and 9 art effects, to ensure you have the perfect finish to your photo.

Touch Screen
This feature I didn't even realise the camera I had until I was first playing around and i'd suddenly taken a photo. This is great and means no faffing around when taking a selfie to try and press the shutter button and focuses on a primary point.

The camera is priced at £459 from John Lewis so it isn't the cheapest option around, but if your looking for something to take great quality images with some amazing features I would recommend this beauty! I would also suggest going to John Lewis if your looking to purchase as they provide you with 2 years guarantee if anything goes wrong and their customer services is always impeccable!

Have any of your got this camera? What are some of the other amazing features you've found?



  1. This definitely gives a much pretty luck to the usual bulking cameras bloggers carry around! Kind of vintage looking, love it! X

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    1. I love the look of it and it takes amazing pictures! Thanks for you comment xo

  2. I've been lusting after this camera myself and can't decide whether to take the plunge! Great post, have a great trip in Thailand!


    1. I would definitely tell you too, it looks amazing and takes great pictures! Thanks for you comment and I had a lovely time xo