When I go on holiday I tend to leave my hair to its natural look and not do much with it - how can anyone stand drying their hair in humidity? My hair always tends to end up on top of my head in the day time and left to its natural wave at night, but I still have a few staple products I'll use when I'm away.


Since I'm currently on holiday I want to bring to you some of my holiday makeup favourites that will be taken on my travels with me. I always find that holiday makeup is a lot more relaxed and easy, mostly due to the fact that I don't want to waste an expensive foundation for it to slide down my face in the heat. I also keep my makeup minimal on holiday as I like to show off my tan and not hide it with a lot of makeup. As I'm travelling around for three weeks I'm only going to be taking drugstore makeup incase any of it gets lost. 


So I'm currently on the trip of a lifetime travelling round Thailand so this post may seem a little backwards! Recently I was lucky enough to be asked to be involved in a summer campaign with Heathrow Airport to review their beauty services and offers they have available! To be honest with you one of my favourite things about going on holiday is the airport shopping as its all so luxurious and you get some great deals!


Hey everybody! Whilst your reading this post I will have just landed in Thailand ready for the trip of a lifetime, but I have written this before I head off! I'm going to schedule some posts to go up whilst I'm away as I won't really have any opportunity to write whilst I'm away and don't want to abandon my blog!


Hi Everybody! How is everyone lately? I finished my placement over a week ago now but haven't actually got round to doing as much blogging as I wanted to - my days seem to get busy pretty quick at the moment (or I've been having Pretty Little Liars marathons). I'm heading off to Thailand on Thursday for three weeks, I'm planning to get some posts scheduled to publish while away so please don't desert my blog!


If you're a lipgloss fan then these beauties are definitely something you need to try! Rimmel launched their new glosses back in spring this year and Oh My Gloss! are definitely something you need to add to your collection. They are priced at £5.49 but you can always find a deal in boots or super drug to get them on offer. In all honesty I would much rather wear lipstick compared to a gloss but these are fast becoming a favourite of mine.


I've been reading a lot online recently that TK Maxx is a great place to find some great beauty steals and that they stock NARS and Illamasqua products, I would have never thought about looking there before for beauty. I was in London recently for and drove past a TK Maxx and knew I had to call in and see what products they had to offer, I thought a London store would have a better selection compared to the store by me.


So i've just finished my 10 month placement from university and have received my last payday (cries!!) and then it's back to being a poor student. However, this hasn't stopped me from creating a long list of all the beauty products I want to buy. Here are a few of the picks I'm hoping will be in my beauty collection soon...


So Wednesday was National Lipstick Day and its probably one of the best days I've heard of - minus National Donut Day when I got a free donut in New York. I had originally planned for this post to go out on Wednesday but I've been really busy with my last week of work and didn't get round to writing it; reality really hasn't hit that I'm an unemployed student again!