Hello Everybody...I hope you're all enjoying the hot weather! I still can't believe we are over half way through the year and I only have 4 weeks left of my placement, then I head to Thailand for 3 weeks before all the hard work of final year starts.

One of my staple items in my beauty routine is my EOS lip balms, ever since discovering them last year! If you read my first NYC post (here), you'll know that I went into an amazing beauty store called Harmon! EOS lip balms were less that $3 so I obviously had to stock up - especially since they are around £8 in the UK (shocking)! Here is all the flavours I picked out...

Fresh Watermelon (Red)
Tangerine (Orange)
Blueberry Acai (Blue)
Coconut Milk (Pink Striped)
Passion Fruit (Purple)
Honeysuckle (Green)
Lemon Drop (Yellow)
Pomegranate Raspberry (Dark Pink)
Sweet Mint (Mint Green)
Vanilla Mint (Blue Striped)

The reason why I love EOS is its one of those lip balms that I can actually tell is working and my lips always feel lovely and soft. One of my favourites is the Lemon Drop one as I find it refreshing and it has the added bonus of an SPF perfect for this hot weather. Sweet Mint was the first flavour I bought in the UK and I used it all day everyday, so when I ran out before I went to New York that was top of my list to purchase. Fresh Watermelon and Passion Fruit was my real steal in Harmon as I got both for around $3.50, I love the refreshing taste of the Watermelon! Tangerine has to be my least favourite i'd say, I was really disappointed when I tried it as I love orange flavours but I really did not like the taste of this!

Do any of you use EOS? If so what are your favourite flavours?!



  1. Hi that's such a great price for EOS. I bought them for our teenage girls for Christmas and I've sneeked a few uses too. They are simple the best lip balms I ever come across. Great post. Sammie http://www.feastingisfun.com

    1. They are amazing, my favourite lip balms! Thanks for your comment xo

  2. I would love to try all of these =]


    1. you definitely should! thanks for your comment xo