So I'm sure some of you are aware I've recently got back from New York, if you want to read about what I got up in the city then read my previous blog post here!

This is the first of my haul posts and its dedicated to all the bits I got in MAC. 

With MAC lipsticks over there being a lot cheaper, they work out to be about £10, I had to add quite a few to my collection. I also picked up some other bits, however, I'm now thinking about all the other pieces of makeup I wish i'd got! Here are the shades I picked up...

Wash & Dry Morange (Amplified Creme) - One of the main reasons I purchased this was the adorable packaging and now I'm regretting I didn't buy some more bits from the collection. Aside from the packaging this shade is described as a loudmouth orange and it certainly is, I would say this is a slightly brighter version of Lady Danger. Its an amplified creme finish, so its very well pigmented with a glossy finish to the lips.

Men Love Mystery (Matte) - This was a shade one of the assistants in MAC helped me totally fall in love with, in my NYC wish list post (you can read here) I was originally hoping to buy the shade Violetta. However, when the assistant showed me a matte selection of lipsticks I knew I had to have this one and its also a bonus as its a new shade and I can't seem to find it on the website in the UK. This shade is described as a lavender violet, compared to Violetta I would say that this one is a little more subdued. I love that this one is a matte finish, however, I can sometimes find them quite drying so I will be applying a balm underneath.

Brave (Satin) - This was one of my last minute purchases in the airport, I wanted a nude shade with a hint of pink and had heard this was a lovely shade. I've heard that a lot of people have compared this to Velvet Teddy, I found that this one has a bit more of a pink tone. The satin finished of it leaves you with a very creamy finish and easy application.

Speed Dial (Cremesheen) - The same as Brave this was another last minute purchase in the airport. This shade is described as a light blue pink with a subtle gold shimmery finish, I really like that this shade isn't too bright. The cremesheen finish leaves you with a fairly full coverage and can be applied more for a better coverage. I think this is a shade i'll definitely wear quite a lot.

Pink Plaid (Matte) - This shade is described as a dirty blue pink shade, I have found with this one there is a slight purple tint. This shade is the perfect everyday pink shade and a little more natural compared to Speed Dial.

Girl About Town (Amplified Creme) - MAC describes this shade as a bright blue fuchsia with an amplified creme finish so its very well pigmented. This vibrant pink shade is perfect for both winter and summer with its blue undertones and raspberry tint.

Velvet Teddy (Matte) - If you read my previous post about my NYC wish list you'll know that this was a shade I was after. I was shocked to find that Velvet Teddy was in stock in all the MAC stores I went into, it must not be as popular over there as it is in the UK. Compared to the shade Brave this one has a much more brown tint to it rather than pink. I think this one will fast become one of my favourite shades, its great as it can be worn in the day for a subtle look or at night with a dramatic smokey eye.

In my NYC wish list post I also mentioned I was after some MAC lip liners as I hadn't had any before. The only one I picked out was Soar, which is described as a pinkish brown shade, I have paired this one with the lipstick Brave and they match perfectly! I was hoping to pick up some more shades whilst I was out there but when I was in Harmon (the budget beauty store) I ended up picking up a selection of Rimmel lip liners for less that $3 each, so I thought i'd try those out before buying any more MAC ones.

One of the last products I picked up was at the till where that have a selection of mini products for $10 - such a dangerous idea as you always end up buying more bits. I picked out a mini version of the Strobe Cream, it promises to boost the look of flat or tired-looking skin with a fully loaded vitamin zap - great for waking my skin up in the early mornings before work. It has iridescent particles which help brighten and enhance tired and dull looking skin, I apply it after my moisturiser before foundation for a subtle glow. In the mini version you get 30ml which is great as I only use a small amount so I'm hoping it will last me a while.

So there you go! That was all the bits I picked up from MAC, as you can see I went a little lipstick crazy but who can blame me when they work out to be about £10! 

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my NYC MAC haul! Do any of you have these products and what do you think?



  1. You got some great things! I really want to try the strobe cream!

    xo, Liz

    1. Thanks for your comment! You should definitely try the strobe cream xo

  2. ughh so jel, I need to go to the US again haha xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  3. Omg so jealous of you right now!! Theres' not a better feeling then when you get a brand new mac lippy! I have velvet teddy, brave, girl about town & soar - good choices! Pink plaid looks right up my street too so i'll have to look into that! Also the packing for morange is to die for! xo

    1. Thanks for your comment! You should definitely try pink plaid!

  4. You have some very pretty shades =]