So I can't actually believe that its been a month since I receive my last Nailbox, which you can see I reviewed here. When this months box arrived on my I was excited to see what colours I would be adding to my collection. This month I received four full size nail colours again and a nail tool!

Rimmel 60 Seconds Lucky Lilac (£3.25 on amazon) - When I first saw this shade I knew it would be one i'd wear all the time, its a lovely lilac shade, a little darker than a pastel. I actually tried to find this one Boots or Superdrug as I was intrigued at what price it retailed at and I couldn't actually find it, so I don't think Nailbox send out recent products. Although I'm not really complaining as I do love the colour of this one.

Orly Colour Blast Fiery Orange Chunky Glitter (£5.82 on amazon) - I wasn't immediately drawn to this shade, as I wasn't sure on the colour combination with the glitter. However, now that I'm looking at it more and more it is growing on me and I'll be trying it out soon. I also tried to find this one and could only find it one the US Orly site, I did find it on amazon though.

Nicole by OPI Modern Family Alex by the Books (£2.99 on amazon) - When I saw this bottle in the box I was intrigued as I didn't even realise OPI has collaborated with Modern Family on a collection, I did some digging round the internet and found out this came out in 2012 - I guess I'm a little behind. The shade I received is a minty sea foam green, I think this will be a great shade to wear on holiday!

Essie Status Symbol (£7.99 available from Superdrug) - This was the shade I was most excited about as I'm really into vibrant nail colours at the moment. Compared to the OPI pink I received in my last Nailbox, this shade has a hint of coral in it and a little more summery. I think this will be one of those shades I will wear all the time! 

Elegant Touch Cuticle Pusher and Nail Cleaner (£9.50 from Boots) - I found it rather strange that this was actually the most expensive item from the whole box, however, now that I've used it I've realise just how sturdy it is and well made. Its great for tidying up my nails after I've painted them and getting rid of those annoying bits of polish that end up around the edges.

All of the items from this box amount to just under £30.00 from the prices I have found, so yet again its great value as I only paid £15.00.

You can get your own Nailbox here!



  1. I really love that pink from Essie!!!

    1. Its such a lovely shade, I've been wearing it for the past couple of days! Thanks for your comment xo