One of my favourite drugstore brands out there is SEVENTEEN! It's exclusively sold is Boots and I would say its the younger, funner version of No7. 

I'm not really sure when it happened but I noticed within the last year that SEVENTEEN has had a mini makeover. They have really upped their game, their products have a much younger and fresher vibe and stand out so much more on the shelf. Before their makeover their product selection didn't really stand out to me as I thought it was quite plain, now with the new makeover they are releasing a wide variety of products including new eyebrow and contour palettes!

The Stay Pout lipsticks are great as they contain shea butter which adds extra moisture and keeps my lips soft. There is 15 shades to choose from with both a shimmery finish or a creamy finish. 

I first discover Stay Pout lipsticks last summer when I purchased Just A Fling, it was around the time Kylie Jenner lips were becoming a thing and I was on the hunt for a nude shade. The first one I bought I actually lost on a night out (absolutely gutted!) so I immediately had to repurchase it. Since then I've been adding more and more colours to my collection, I tend to lean towards more of the creamy finished rather than the shimmery colours as i'm really not a fan of shimmery lipsticks.

Just A Fling: As I just said this was the first shade I bought and one of my favourites, its a brownish nude shade which has a very slight hint of pink once its applied. This colour is perfect for a daytime look but can also be transformed into a night out look with a dramatic smokey eye. As far as nude lip colours go this is by far one of my favourites so far!

Kiss Me Quick: This is a gorgeous baby pink shade, which I think is a really Barbie colour. Sometimes I find with baby pink lipsticks then tend to wash me out, however, with this one its a little more vibrant so its a perfect pink shade.

Rule Breaker: This is dark red wine colour, this is quite a wintery shade compared to the others I have. I have still worn this colour in spring time with simple make up to make the lips stand out. The pigmentation of this colour isn't as good as the others and takes a couple of coats to get a great coverage.

Going Steady: This is a much paler nude shade compared to Just A Fling, this is more of a peachy nude shade. This shade is a great one for summer when you have a tan or if you want a more subtle coloured lip.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about some of my favourite drug store lipsticks! 

Do any of you have any other colours of these lipsticks? 


Samantha xo

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