One of my favourite blog posts to read from other beauty bloggers is make up storage ideas, I love seeing how fellow beauty lovers organise their make up and all of the different products they have. One of my favourite parts of the day is sitting at my dressing table and doing my make up so its important that my make up is organised efficiently. When we moved into this house a couple of years ago I chose my bedroom especially for the dressing table and also the whole wall of wardrobes. All of my fitted furniture is cream which is great as it keeps my room light and airy as I don't get much sunlight directly into my room. 

In my dressing table I have one small and two large drawers on the left hand side, these are mainly for hair products and beauty products I don't have room for on my my dressing table. there is also a narrow longer drawer across the front, this is where I store all my jewellery and some lip products I don't have a place for in my other storage.

For my main make up storage I use the famous Muji drawers (available here), I have 2 sets of the 2 drawers wide, 1 set of the 3 drawers wide, 1 set of the flip top 1 drawers narrow and a set of the 2 drawers narrow. This is where I store most of my make up and I have organised it according to product.

In the bottom drawer I keep all my foundations, my NARS concealer and a tinted moisturised from e.l.f. cosmetics. I have a few different high end a drug store foundations, with my favourite high end being the Estée Lauder Double Wear, I bought this about a month ago and its amazing! I have also just recently rediscovered the Loreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint, after trying out a few other foundations for the past couple of months I started to use this one again and its still as good as I remember, the coverage of it is light so perfect now the weather is getting hotter!

The second drawer in my storage is a mixture of powders, highlighters and bronzers. My go to powder is the MAC Blot Powder Pressed, I use this after applying my foundation and concealer to get rid of shine but its also great as it doesn't add any additional colour to my face. My all time favourite bronzer is Hoola from Benefit, its gives you a healthy looking natural glow all year round, Ive hit the pan in this one so I think i'll have to purchase a new one soon (I'm seriously eyeing up the personalised ones!!)

Blushers and highlighters are in the next two drawers with my Smashbox primer and some BB creams I have. My favourite blusher is the pink shade I have from MAC which can be see in the photo, I also love Soap & Glory's Glow All Out as its great for adding a little glow rather than too much colour. In my highlighter drawer I have a few from benefit and my all time favourite from NARS, which you can see I reviewed in my previous post here!

This next drawer is a bit of a random selection of products, there is some minis I have from Benefit from gift sets and the Pro Base Palette from MUA, which i always seem to forget to use! In here iI also keep my Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Promenade, unfortunately the shade soft brown I have is too dark for me so I rarely wear it, I think I'm going to try out the shade blonde next time.

These next two drawers and mainly for eyes, with all my pencils, eyeliners and brow gels in one and mascaras in the other. After taking this photo i realise just how many different eye pencils I have that I really don't use so I'm thinking a sort out is needed soon. My favourite mascara at the moment is the Smashbox Full Exposure, Ive actually had this for quite a while and its still applies as good as it always did, I apply this one first then put Benefit Roller Lash on top for extra curly lashes.

This lipstick stand is my favourite part of my make up storage, it means I can have most of my lipsticks out without leaving them in a drawer to be forgotten about. This stand is a mixture of my MAC lipsticks and some other drug store favourites, some of my favourite drug store ones are the Seventeen Stay Pout which i'll be talking about in a blog post very soon!! I had pretty much filled this stand as soon as i'd bought it so I have another smaller one next to it with some other random lipsticks! Behind these lipsticks I also keep my Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot, which is the set of all the famous boxed blushers, the case it is in is actually a christmas set so I keep saying to my self I need to take them out of there and put them into a palette!

I got this holder when I popper into Home Sense recently and its great as you have both lipsticks and other beauty products in it. In mine I have some of my Maybelline Baby Lips and MUA Lipsticks. Behind that are my MAC Cinderella Collection blusher and eyeshadow, I had to have these products out on show as the packaging is just too pretty to hide. Next to this is where I keep my everyday beauty products and some tools, including my e.l.f. kabuki brush, beauty blender and eyelash curlers.

I bought this plastic storage box from Ikea to store in large pieces of make up and its the perfect size for my palettes. In here I have my Naked Palettes from Urban Decay and the Urban Decay Vice Palette (reviewed here), my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette and my new Sleek Del Mar Volume II I reviewed recently here!

For my brushes I store them in the Ikea SKURAR Plant Pot which seems to be a staple storage piece for beauty bloggers. I have my eye brushes stored in this pot but its a little too big I think ill be purchasing the smaller version of the Ikea pot when I'm next there. Next to this I have all my perfumes, at christmas I went a bit mad buying new perfumes in the sales and with all the ones I got for christmas I ended up with 6 new bottles of perfume. My favourite have to be Juicy Couture, this year I got the new gold one and the Viva La Juicy Limited Edition and the So Intense version!

I really enjoyed writing this post so I hope you all enjoy reading it! If any of you lovely beauty bloggers have blogged about your own make up storage please let me know so I can take a look!


Samantha xo

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