Soap & Glory is one of my favourite drug store beauty brands! The packaging and names of the products are just irresistible and with the affordable price tag whats not to love! So when there was 3 for 2 on at boots I couldn't resist a mini splurge to add to my collection!

I already have the Thick & Fast and I thought that was good but this is something else! The brush is a unique 7-sided fan flare which promises to create intense and volumised look by wrapping all the lashes in a coat of mascara. The strength building collagen makes your lashes thick and dramatic without clumpiness or flaking. The Thick & Fast name doesn't lie, just a few coats leaves you with the doll like lashes you have been looking for. The gold tube is also a bonus giving the mascara that luxe effect without the expensive price tag. This is definitely a purchase I'm glad I made!

After having my HD brows done last week I have been looking for a cheaper alternative to the HD products that were used on me. At £10 for a tint and a pencil this is a great alternative! I use this to add definition to my brows and to fill in areas of regrowth. I opted for the Love Is Blonde shade as my previous brow product was too dark in comparison to my hair. Having both a pencil and a tint in one product is great. I use the pencil first to define the shape and then use the tint to fill in! I really like this product and its a great alternative to the more expensive items on the market!

I have been using a powder illuminator for a while now and when I saw this product I thought it was time for a change! I always feel that liquid highlighter sits quite heavy on top of my make up but this one is quite light! I always apply illuminator to the top of my cheek and around my temples to illuminate my face and it looks great when the sun is shining, this would also be great to wear in summer with a tan rather than foundation! This illuminator is a silvery champagne shade which is great as I much prefer silver highlighters to bronze ones.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my mini Soap & Glory Haul and come back to read about some more of my beauty loves!





  1. I love soap and glory products. I think they're great quality and such good a decent price.
    Hocus Focus is one of my favourite base products, as well as their mascaras! They don't get enough mentioned about them.

    I really want to try their new 'DIY' brow kit. It looks amazing!

  2. Thanks for your comment :) x

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