As a self confessed Tanaholic, finding the perfect fake tan is very important and it's even better when finding a nail polish to match! 

For years I had been a devoted user of St Moriz (the best dupe for St Tropez in my opinion), however recently I had been fancying a change! I had heard a lot of rave reviews about Cocoa Brown and when I spotted it in Primark just before Christmas I couldn't resist the chance to try it. 

I opted for the 1 Hour Tan as I loved the idea that you could be bronzed in an hour and I certainly wasn't disappointed. When I first applied the mousse I was slightly sceptical as the tan didn't seem as dark as I would have liked, yet within the hour my skin was glowing a lovely shade of brown. Although the tan states that you will will have beautifully bronzed, radiant skin in an hour, I decided to keep mine on over night to see just how dark it would go. In the morning the tan had developed a lovely darker shade of brown and after my shower it didn't seem to streak or fade a lot, much like other tans I have tried. I also loved how well the tan lasted (3-4 days) and it didn't go patchy as the days went by, it almost faded as if a natural tan would. I have been using this tan now for around 6 weeks with 1-2 uses a week and it still feels like there is a lot left in in can (well worth the money!)

This tan is slightly more expensive than St Moriz, however it is well worth that little bit extra, it is definitely my go to tan and would highly recommend it to everyone else!!

I also wanted to combine this post with my new favourite nail polish for summer, Models own Polish for Tans in Beach Bag. With the cold weather not seeming to come to an end anytime soon, I am starting to wish it was summer more and more each day as I'm sure some of you are as well. This nail polish is the perfect colour to start summer early!

I opted for the orange shade from the collection as its a colour I wouldn't normally wear and I have to say I love it. The polish is just the perfect thickness, needing just needs two coats and also it has a high shine finish.

I am a massive fan of this colour and can't wait to try the other shades from the collection, especially with my Cocoa Brown Tan!!

You can buy the tan here from Superdrug and you can get the varnish here from the Models Own website.

I hope you all enjoyed ready my second post and keep coming back to read about some more of my beauty loves!





  1. I love this sounds of this fake tan, I'm a little scared of using it though in case I turn orange hahah! I absolutely love that nail varnish too, such a lovely summer colour- think I'll have to buy that! X

    1. Thanks for your comment :) You definitely won't turn orange, I've had my fair share of fake tan disasters and this one gives you a lovely brown colour! x