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When it comes to my hair and the tools I do I definitely stuck in a routine with the same products/tools. I'm a GHD user through and through as I really don't think you can get better and they work so well on my thick long hair. However, the new Toni & Guy Style Fix collection* has opened my eyes new some new tools I can use on my hair. The collection consists of three smaller appliances that are perfect if your travel a lot or if you don't have a lot of space to store hair products.


If there is one thing everyone seems to be obsessed with lately, it's liquid lipsticks! I don't know what it is but they seem to be everywhere and brands seem to be launching new ones all the time. I'm totally on this hype and have tried my fair share of different brands. This post will give you the low down on most of them i've tried, whether or not I like them and my favourite shades.


I definitely have a slight obsession with buying makeup palettes and probably own way too many. I mainly buy eyeshadow palettes but I'm slowly adding more and more face palettes to my collection. I love face palettes purely for the fact that you get the majority of items you use on your face in one handy palette and it can make it easier when travelling. Here are the five face palettes I think you should have in your collection.


I probably should have added into the the title of this post unnatural blonde hair, because I would guess if your hair is naturally blonde its healthy anyway. But being a blonde when your hair is dyed leaves me with with dry and brittle ends. This post is a selection of products that i've been using lately to keep my hair in good condition and feeling soft and healthy.