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As soon as I found out Colourpop were bringing out a collection of eyeshadow pans I knew I had to try them! I have a bit of a thing for single eyeshadows and being able to choose exactly what shades I want but they are just getting so damn expensive from the likes of MUG, MAC and ABH. These CP ones are so affordable at $5 each, obviously plus the customs charge - can they just make their products more accessible in the UK please?!


You definitely need to be living under a rock to not have heard of this amazing new skincare brand. The Ordinary comes from Deciem who bill themselves as the Abnormal Beauty Company who have a number of different ranges from different price points. The Ordinary is one of their more affordable ranges and brings to you fuss free skincare that keeps it simple and talks about its key ingredients instead of the magical things it 'could' do to you skin. The range is super affordable with the most expensive products around £12 but still brings the ingredients that most other companies would charge a fortune for.


I did intend of getting this post up a little earlier but time just got away from me and so here it is 3 days before mothers day. However, it is perfect for those of you are still on the hunt for your perfect last minute gift for that special lady in your life. I love being able to treat my mum and even more now that I'm earning and it can be something really special. So here are the gifts that are sure to put a smile on your mum's face.


So it seems that spring is finally here and the weather is getting warmer, that also means Easter is nearing and I can't wait for that four day weekend! On the subject of Easter and Spring that also means its acceptable to start wearing pastels again and the way I love to do that is through my nails. I find the best way to experiment with colours I through my nails as it isn't too over the top but still very much noticeable and can tie a whole outfit together. So here are my pastel nail picks.