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I love this time of year for makeup releases as brands tend to bring out mini versions of their bestsellers and you can try a products before committing to a full size. Minis are also great, because if you're like me and have a lot of makeup you rarely finish products before they pass their sell by dates and so minis mean you can use them up quicker and not risk them going stale. This year I have picked up quite a few mini sets and so here is the run down of them.


I don't do these posts often as I sometimes find myself using the same products over and over when I find favourites. I have added quite a few new bits to my makeup collection recently and some have turned out to be stand out products. This post features some new releases and some old favourites I am rediscovering.


Christmas party season is now in full swing and mine is actually tonight so I will probably be wearing a pair of these lashes. I don't have the time to be wearing lashes everyday so it's always nice when I get to dress up and wear a pair. I like to go for ones that aren't too over the time and enhance my natural lashes but also something you can see you're wearing, they also have to have a comfortable lash strip that wont feel heavy or irritate me.


My Huda Beauty collection has grown considerable over the past few months as she has brought out so many new releases that really have wowed me. She started out with a line of lashes and if you have ever seen her own you'll understand why she is the queen of lashes, then came the Lip Contours and Liquid Lipsticks and now their is eyeshadow palettes, foundation, primer and highlighting palettes.