26 May 2016

So summer in the UK has finally made an appearance, although the humidity is ridiculous and my hair is constantly going frizzy i'm so happy to finally have some sunshine. Now that its summer is here I've been switching up my outfits, makeup, skincare and nail colours all in favour of the summer. 


24 May 2016

Having my makeup stay in place all day is one of met biggest battle and especially now the weather is getting warmer I'm finding my makeup is sliding off my face even more. The biggest areas I struggle with is under my eyes and around my mouth area and at the end of the day these areas are patchy and my foundation has creased. So here is may run down of some of my favourite primer, powders and setting sprays and ones i'm not so impressed with.


22 May 2016

So it seems like summer may be finally making an appearance in the UK, however, I will most likely be stuck in the library for the next 2 weeks preparing for my upcoming exams. Since I won't be able to achieve a tan from the sun i've picked out my favourite products to give me that sun kissed glow.


20 May 2016

So finally Summer seems to be making an appearance and I can go outside without freezing. Summer also means to me lighter bases for your skin with a slight flush to the cheeks. This post is all about my favourite blusher picks for summer featuring lots of pinks, peaches and oranges.