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Since it's Black Friday tomorrow and the huge shopping sensation has reached the UK I thought I would share some of the deals that will be available in the UK and US deals you can order to the UK. Now that Black Friday has reached the UK massively I tend to go a bit crazy each time and spend a small fortune, this year I will be on the hunt for homewares mostly but I may treat myself to a few small beauty purchases. 


I swear at the moment there are so many different formulas of lip products around it is hard to know what to choose and whether it will work for you. I am a bit of a lip products addict so have quite a few different formulas and finishes. There are liquids, lipsticks glosses and pencils and every different finish you could ask for. Today i'm sharing some of my favourites and the brands that I love.


My makeup is collection has grown yet again and I have picked up some amazing new bits recently so I thought they were worthy of a post. This time of year is great for makeup release as all the Christmas releases are out and they are either brand new limited edition products or minis so you can try out products before buying the full size.


Although this season is all about those plum and red shades I'm not always brave enough to wear something like that and find that berry pink is more of a me shade. In todays post I will feature lots of lovely berry shades in lipstick, nail polish, blusher and eyeshadows. I find this shade so easy to wear and it can either been worn naturally for an everyday look or enhanced with a smokey eye for a night out.