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I really wish Kylie would stop bringing out killer products as the customs charges are just a nightmare. I had actually been waiting for a Kim and Kylie collab for a while and was expected it to be just be another shade in her matte formula but I was excited to see this new creme liquid lip as that is actually what I'm leaning more towards lately.


Hallelujah the warm weather is finally here, I hope it means summer is here to stay now. If there is one product I find is very seasonal that is nail polish and the summer is all about bright pops of colour and especially those shades that can enhance a tan. I am also heading to Barcelona in a few weeks so I will definitely be picking one of these shades as my holiday nails.


For me priming is a key part of my makeup routine, and yes I know people say moisturising is just as good as using a primer. But I just feel like my makeup stays in place so much better and doesn't end up patchy. My skin is combination and changes due to the weather so I have lots of different formulas so I can switch it up due to my skin on the day. So here are my favourites.


It's been a good month or so now since my last fashion type post so I thought another was due. I'm actually really enjoying these type of wishlist posts as one of my favourite things to do is browse clothes shops online and dream of all the pretty clothes I can buy. Todays is a summer wishlist since we are almost in June and it's time to switch up my wardrobe. Im also heading to Barcelona soon and Mexico in september so i'll need to stock up my holiday waredrobe.